Darley-city. Elizabeth Roide

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Second chapter. "My lessons"

The impression of listening to the song exceeded all expectations, and I was somehow scared: "What will happen, if I do not beat his record? If I play a melody, at least part of the work, but bad, or sing a song not to the notes and not to the beat?" Naturally, on my attempts to worry and be nervous nobody paid attention.  
Miss Redhem present there complimented me and said that he will gladly enroll in the group of young talents of Oxford.

Chemistry we were taught by John Bedhead. But we can be happy for the fact that use for good.  In the beginning, he gave us leaflets with tasks, drafts, textbooks, markers, flasks, test tubes, reagents, chemical devices. We did it.
Mark and Lisa Hamish go to school with me. They are fun and funny, very similar to the Tweedledee and Tweedledum. I always have fun and play with them.  I will not list what happened. There is no logic in not explainable. At first it seems so bright, warm, Sunny, family, then this is changed, it turns absurd, the former goes away.
I am left alone with my thoughts, sorting through the memories, ask relatives, friends, known.     They are not able to absent from the body of the man came somewhat obscure highlights: chilling steam, a pool of blood, fear, shame and anger.  I frightened. Here, at least, I managed to convey those feelings, what happened at that hour, silent and meaningless.    I hope all our people stay alive.
 Memories moved to the background in connection with the lessons. You can miss the summer days, when it was a serene state, in which was and dreamed of the impossible.
 - Look. Here is the one we are waiting for! - cried out, rising from the chair Hatter, - Sit down, drink hot tea. Now Cheshire must arrive.
 - Are you waiting for me? - I heard a voice.
 I looked at it. It was Mr. Cheshkurston - a magician who gave a presentation at our school.
 - Elizabeth, I am very glad to see you. Astral is a place, where I can be myself, not a man, as like just grey cat.
 - I know. But I did not think that you really ...
 - What I can be  the cat?! - he interrupted. - This is a formality! I and everyone else should have saved you.
 - Mr. Bledheim?
 Suddenly there was a voice behind my back. It turned out to be a man whom I had seen before, but could not recognize him.
 - And the most important thing is that miss Redhem`s mechanical dolls. I somehow managed to stop her! - asked the Donald Frank, the professor of sewing.

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