Darley-city. Elizabeth Roide

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Nineth chapter. "Illogical fairytale"

I thought about something, and turning away, continued to run for the conductor. The gates opened like that as if they were sliding, and when the guests entered the courtyard, the doors closed automatically. Toward with open arms from the side of the building came the weeping Amanda Redhem, and Agatha Shelter - slowly approached, cautiously looking around.

- Hello!

- Good afternoon, Eliza.

- How did you get older in these two years?!

- I wouldn’t say so, we could have happy moments if Fiona Waterloo wouldn’t returned with friends. We won last time.

- As one wise man once said, - “You have to pay for happiness”.

- But not in the same way. Apparently, we have different ideas about being?

- From loneliness, she chose to return to us. However, we are friendly, did not nothing to say about the conditions.

- You see the result.

- Noticed.

I sometimes visited tenants, when I offered to bring the tea, but I never had a serious answer, waited. The closed room did not open, no matter how many steps were taken. If anyone could save or help on the other side of the mirror, then I would manage to get out gradually.

Christopher Alzberg, the legendary criminal, decided to find out, who came to the house. When I was in charge of writing poems, a freaky man went down the stairs to the living room, looked around the scenery, and said he liked the style. Fiona greed with his opinion.

It seemed as if the place where they were was like a hotel. All here were lost, but retained enthusiasm, faith in salvation, thought about the positive and planned improvements.

The path along the long corridors was very strange. Despite the gloomy setting, the castle resembled a gallery with which it all began. Lewis Sheggington and Patrick Earrle walked alongside, but I had to catch up with them.

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