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Fourth chapter

One car was at the station a long time ago, and that's why Walter Berrow immediately "appropriated" it to itself. Alfred sat down beside him. They went to Mr. Chase's private summer cottage. The police found out about it incident. The brothers have found a man who needs drawings of the human-controlled costume
Ares 117. Development does "Invent". They were later joined by Katarina Moore - the artist, who painted beautiful pictures, redrawn the scheme.
Walter Berrow is understood that the group is updated successfully, so he created a computer virus and altered the identity card data. Painter and programmer broke into the office, pretended to be german engineers and were able to copy the drawings, but making these steps, fthey used them themselves.

On September 3, 2010, at 11 a.m., Jenkins and Magnel left 553, walked down fifth street, ran across eighth street, walked, walked to 827 (newspaper office building), entered, pulled laser pistols from their jackets, and loaded them. Walter Berrow and Peter Magnel came to the tables of journalists, Alfred and Victor went deep into the first floor, stopped near the windows.
- I'm going to dictate the text. If someone doesn't start typing now, I'll shoot with my friends. The smoke will blow, the whole building will light up. You will die before you open Windows and doors! Walter burrow said to dictate to the typesetter the text of a new invented article.
"Maps about gaps"
September 5, 2010.
Ramilda Kendy.
"Attack in Shine Park"
In Darly, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, Daniel Townboard (resident of Sheim) near Shine Park with a laser gun shot fifty pedestrians, blew up six cars. Near that place on a bench the man sat, incidentally saw this event and called the police. A few minutes later, a helicopter arrived at the scene. Police officers Elton Harrington and Alex Dawson arrested the criminal, having delivered the DBC building. The investigation of this case will begin soon. In the next issue, you'll learn more and the results."
- Nicely. Now save the text on your computer and send the whole article to your website page... Victor Jenkins said.
They hid their guns, left the building, walked down Eighth street, crossed Fifth, entered 553. Katarina called Chris Santa. There was no meeting. After a walk Chris Sant came to his home, saw that his family and a cat so. At this time, a meeting was held in the Assembly hall of the DBC on the study of disappearance of rare items.

- Victor Magnel and Robert Jenkins decided to steal something. A magic artifact was grabbed for control time? - Jack Waiton asked.
- I, personally, not can understand, what attitude have they for this event. You're confusing something... - David replied.
Elinson asked somebody in the distance, who stood about curtains, in the shade, hiding from the spotlight. Everyone saw the guards approached the detective and, twisting behind his back both hands, put on the handcuffs.
- Your right - keep your words to yourself, as they will be used against you in court, you can order an advacat to defend your position...  - said the first.
- I understand you're not guilty, Jack, but my options are limited by order... - added second.
They took him out of the room and went with him to sixth room, where the door was locked.

Jack Waiton, as people with good intentions, was a good student in ordinary school, participated in many events, received diplomas and other awards sought to be credited to the League of brilliant graduates, and earned the right to move on the second course in College Oxford, on a specialty "Law". Professors, teaching a young man, noticed his ability to analyze thinking and clear perception violations in the use of rights.

After learning interesting information, Jack chosen to take exams at the police Academy, and studied there four good years. Soon he was hired as a policeman. A year later he became a great Sergeant.
The young man successfully allowed them, for which he gradually became an excellent detective. He was sent to serve in the city of Darly.
They said that he copes with difficulties so quickly that crimes almost gone. The journalist of the newspaper "Maps or gaps" Ronald Warner wrote often about the outstanding features of Mr. Whaiton. Now he was sitting in a special room, trying to match the thoughts and actions of their be friends.
Elizabeth Roide graduated from College successfully, she was trained in the specialty "Psychology", and decided to help people advice and advice, preferred to go to work as a psychology consultant, but I wasn't accepted for an open position, and the girl went to the DBC. There, only ended investigation Alfred and Walter Berrow, and she didn't know how to solve her problem.
- Who can I contact?  she asked the janitor a question, Mr. Stephen Phanchire.
- Come here... - the man pointed to the pillar that gave off the blue and purple glow.
It was a detector of personality, are able to learn information about the visitors, and after checking the Elizabeth Roide was relieved to go for a third floor.

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