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Fifth chapter

It was clear that Waiton was not the man involved in the Berrow brothers' actions, and Elizabeth Roide found the keys to the dungeon and went down to the basement, opened the lattice door. The detective left the room and thanked his friend for her help. Later they went into his office and began to talk about the case.

Suddenly, in the dark Jack stepped on an open book, approaching the table lamp, he read the title and flipped through the pages: it was an old case of Walter Berrow. In the next room he heard a rustle and cough are distinguishable from those which could be real police officers. When friends went there, they saw in the far corner of the litter, and the grey light from the unlocked electronic safe. Jack asked guy, why he there sat, why he broke the castle, and that he found. The man explained that the code from the box was easy to guess, and he wondered what the previous police had written about him.

Walter told how Katarina and Robert revived his body and who they were fighting against. Elizabeth climbed the new wooden staircase to the first floor, walked past the security Bureau, and opened the door affirmatively, and stepped outside the auditorium. Major Parker and Mr. Raymond were sitting there, exchanging views after watching the documentary slides. As soon as the consultant came to the third row, sat at a distance, her thoughtful and almost motionless profile officers drew attention.

- How are you? Did Jack say anything new? - Parker asked, closing the book by tab on tenth page.

- I hope it can be released... He doesn't know anything about it, it was his guess... - answered girl.

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