Darley-city. Originally from Darley

Sixth chapter

On September 8, 2010 at 6: 24 PM Ronald Warner arrived at Darley airport, the meeting with Jack White was good, and the friends mutually managed to talk about their Affairs.
The next day Warner returned to the second floor and entered the third room. His employee read the new issue, put the newspaper on the table and threw his coat over his shoulders. At 10 o'clock, the detectives went down to the garage, got in the car, came to the building of the darlian Museum (house 432), passed. Ronald opened the seventh door, saw the gold and silver things, called the darlian police.
Whiton found a shortcut, walked out the front door. Henry Flector was arrested.
- Where are you going? he asked, Viton, put the culprit in handcuffs, put in police car, detectives went to the interrogation, and later sent trapped in a room with a strict regime.
On September 9, 2010, at 10 a.m., Jack Whyton and Ronald Warner arrived at 267. 10 hours and 10 minutes in the morning Jack Viton and Ronald Warner got out of the car, approached the house 267, Ronald Warner knocked on the door.
The house was 267 garlicky policeman Charles Berde. He opened the door, let Jack Whyton and Ronald Warner through, walked them to room 7. Fred Walters was lying on the floor.
Milissa kendle, the housekeeper, was in the kitchen, making herself a decoction of coriander. When Warner approached her, and she said she came home on September 4, at 9 am.
- The family has a friend Chris Sant, who lives in Sheimland, he came to come to us, Helen offered him to check the collar, because it was indicated the name of the company "production of Souvenirs, icons, amulets" (house 321) and the nickname "Jack". Alex called me yesterday at 5: 34, told me the story of the black kitten... she said. Ronald Warner finished recording his statement, went back to the other room.
"Do you remember that we were at David Rowan's school today?" Alfred barrow is working in this company. I'm going to Sant... - Ronald Warner said.
- You know what I just found? Jack Whyton said, and went back to the open window.
The detective showed the journalist five fingerprints on the glass of an open window and traces of soles on the windowsill.
Warner ran a scan and gave the photos Charles Berde, which hid the package in his jacket pocket.
- I went to St. Monica's, room 2... Ronald Warner said.
Burrow came into the house on his walk... Jack Waiton said.
- I agree... - Ronald Warner replied.
This conversation was on September 5, 2010, at 11 a.m., when Whiton and Warner arrived at 123, sitting in a police car. At eleven o'clock and three minutes in the morning, Viton and Warner got out of the car, approached the house 123, knocked on the door. Stephen Farlington let. Waiton aimed the gun at Victor Jenkins. Warner called the Darly police.
At 11:20 PM Ronald Warner, Jack Viton, Stephen Farlington brought villains on the street, put in a police car. Stephen Ferrington with his family went to the hospital.Warner looked at Alfred burrow's gun, saw something familiar. Warner and Jack Whyton got into a police car, came to the darlian police building, questioned.
- Magnel. Yesterday, we were told by forensics that your fingerprints were in the Walters family house in room 7... - Warner said.
- Yeah. I went into Walters ' house, went into room 7, talked to Helen, Alex and Fred, pulled out a gun, fired. I took my laptop from the table, hid it in my backpack, climbed on the windowsill, climbed over, went down the fire escape, ran away... - Jenkins said.
- Did you set a time for Sant? - Waiton asked.
- My brother always sets the time... - answer Jenkins.

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