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Eighth chapter

He was in a strange neutral position - between limited life and the darkness of death, heard some echoes, words and a knock on the wooden surface somewhere in the far rooms, could not open sleepy eyes, because their weight was oppressive and dull. He tried to rise, stand up on his feet, but the water gurgled everywhere, as if in a Texas waterfall, because knowing all the signs, he could convince himself of that. His mouth was closed, but his breathing became much more difficult, and he did not know how he managed to get into such an incredible event.
Mrs. Glans drowned him by tying his hands to the handles on the railing of the fountain. Ronald Warner was in the garden, from where he had previously tried to get out, and where the trouble had come. Romulus Tompkins, Jane Farrain and Jack Waiton stood outside the front door, but they uselessly knocked on the bars on the windows and shouted at the ventilation pipe, the end of which hung on the window ledge, and the middle of it turned into a greenhouse. Apparently, their friend either hid and waited around the house, being in ambush, or had a conversation with the cook. The only thing that stopped the logical versions was that the circumstances were not connected with thoughts: for any reason, detective Warner could come out for a minute and say ideas on this matter. He did not appear before them, no matter how much they swore there.
As a result, they had to break through the path and run in different directions, keeping electric guns charged up to half in pockets ready, carefully inspecting the furniture and looking for hatches.

Nowhere did they notice traces of the presence of an employee, and a vague feeling “somewhere near” flashed before coming here - (did intuition?) There was an expectation, and yet only an expectation.

As if a barrier separated them from him, and Waiton, hearing the splashes of fluid nearby, nodded in the affirmative, making it clear "I guessed." The lock on the metal board did not give in, but the bullets only bounced off, I still needed a crowbar, or forceps, to completely cut the thick rod holding the brackets together. Tompkins managed to search every loophole and found plumbing tools in a regular flower vase, doused with turpentine and fertilizer, left to rot without use, and carried a disgusting scent from them. But, in order to save a friend, they had to stop accepting foreign objects and phenomena by all means, trying to open up to break through the alloy of iron, copper and aluminum.

Until episodes with Alex Ives...
- Nobody knows about the results of his or her behave. All they think, what having nothing good is good... - said Jack Waiton, pushing various heavy objects aside.
- Trying to looking like better than you are real, it is strange truly mask of your lie.
I lived, I live, I will live, as it should be out of kindness...- said Ronald Warner, coughing from the water.
- She listened to the originals of the spoiled and evil songs, hoping to find inspiration and strength there, but received suspicious looks and nightmarish dreams... - nodding at the door of the greenhouse, Ronald answered, recovering himself.
- Who are you talking about? - asked Jack.
- About Elizabeth Roide. Did she tell you about her life? Or do you think that changes for the better were throughout our acquaintance?
- I dont know. I will try to understand you, what do you want to tell me... - Ronald answered, bursting out of the fountain with both hands.
- However, she was Glans, not Roide... - Jack confirmed, helping to a friend to dry uniform.

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