Darley-city. Waiton`s alternative

Chapter thirteenth. "Changes"

I`m hard to met, to make friendship, but I know, what I want. It`s so interesting, and when I`m going on the road, I dream about usual life. What`s you`re laught? Yesterday I was think about new, and today I see, nothing else happens, or of course, again it`s looking like as wrong changes. I'm used to another, but not to this.

I realized that no one taught us all how to live after the death of loved ones, no one told us what to do during the war, no one sat next to us when we were depressed after experiencing any grief when we were sad bad news. All those who were, now they are not, and who exist near us, they are not interested in our life, as such, because there are obstacles everywhere, even invisible ones.
Alex Ives also knew about it, but at least he had an ideal of kindness, a thing that helped him live some days, and I still think about reality - it changes, it does not change for the better, even if you make the most improvement efforts, relationships and environments bounce off of me at opposite angles of perception. It is just necessary that the society would accept a person, go to a positive contact with him, but often this is understood differently, many people themselves are surprised and doubted, having made previously a huge number of mistakes, illogical and uncorrectable.
But there is something to strive for. Funny again? Yes, it happens all the time. A person approaches you, but you, as part of the general mass of people, think: “What will he or she do? Who is it? What does he or she need? And if I refuse? What will be the result?” and in the same direction. Otherwise, a different approach takes place.
On another day, something not suitable is happening, and it does not satisfy you, with or without causes, but it’s hard for you to accept the true reality of what it is, and you start changing everything from beginning to end, spending it all day. Because other people have already done what you thought last week. Everything except you. They had rights, duties, time, permission, powers, and the like. And you are different, not like the rest. It is even likely that in a single copy, without copies or similarities.

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