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Chapter third "Darkness of thoughts"

“Having heard the word, we take it on a personal side; having heard something, we turn around; having heard a bad word, we respond to it; we don’t feel our mistakes, or we see them as irrelevant.
Others misses and awkwardness or justify dementia, or criticize to the highest level. We do not see the thread of meaning in the news, and if we see the meaning, then we don’t attach importance, for it is often ridiculous to attach importance to everything. News, information, semantic overload or lack of it drives everything crazy with the speed of the wind ... There are many questions, but they are not heard ... "- Alex Ivy’s mind visited that evening when the college guard met him, opening him the door and looking at it attentively and testing a tired look at the flickering light coming from distant indoor light bulbs.

Of course, going to the store to buy a little, quite a bit of food, for myself and a friend, cost one hundred and twenty pounds sterling, but although the cost was almost fair, except for tax deductions, interest was lost and appetite was lost, which appeared shortly before escape from Rosalie, from her apartment. All the events that happened in those moments were most likely just the rash actions of his girlfriend and the stupid reactions of himself, and yet he regretted only about himself, but that she promised to send him to St. Monica’s hospital, to church predators from which very few people returned in a sober state and / or in a healthy mind, this could have gone over the top of egocentrism or would have seemed like an oddity. The guy, even if he was obsessed, was only in the photographs for “Meps o Gaps,” a local local newspaper. And the versions of the further stay on Sorokovaya Street, which were both real and non-fulfilling, were confused in the head, like flies at the spring equinox, but he understood perfectly well that it was worth the apology, but it would be absurd - he himself was to blame for her mistakes, and this, too, as he heard, remained true in the sense that girls often accuse friends of being petty and fearless, and when, and in very unpleasant mistakes, and knowing the real circumstances, they themselves suffer from the words they said.

Alex’s parents, father’s assistant doctor of a surgeon at "Saint Aven Monica’s hospital", and mother a pastry chef at K-Jelsi’s café, although they were far away, could be convinced otherwise or give instructions about the relationship, if they were right, the case is not relevant, and there would be no clear benefit from them, but the results of conceit and youthful idealism, mixed with a faint, overcast optimism such as "I can" or "everything will work". But nothing sensible, real, sensible did not emerge from invented on the go or logically correct explanations.

So, he decided, he had to go and ask for forgiveness when he felt right. It was a matter of the most usual, ordinary, slip - the garland twisted over the lintel and touched the chandelier in the living room, but as the plug did not reach the outlet from the wire, but the multiplier was not found, it was supposed to extend the wires, but they are short and it’s not clear what to do in peace without a quarrel. She said one option, and Alex sought his position and eventually had to leave for an hour or two, breathe, until the answer would have jumped out on its own, otherwise the celebration would have passed in the dark.

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