Darley-city. Waiton`s alternative

Chapter first. "About everything"

He woke up at nine o'clock in the morning, realized that it was a Friday, looked into the gray from the snow leaks and fogged window, went cautiously into the kitchen, and fed the orange-blue parrot.

For order bring quickly his sleeping brain from dreams, he spill into a plastic glass a many of broken coffee beans, one-third of cream volume, added ten milliliters of water, added sugar substitute, and mixed all by mixer, poured it all in the cup.

He often had a headache in the back of the head, he did not know why the doctor claimed the opposite about diabetes, but still, Alex remembered his parents, and how they visited him last summer. Bengalius did not appear since Tuesday, but the house in the village Childdale was empty.
Ivy is a family in which all topics of life were perceived with great attention, but Alex, having matured and becoming a photographer, decided them himself, otherwise everything would have looked absurd.

Several drafts for the presentation were still on the table, on the balcony, gathering dust and occasionally reminding of their existence.

Oh, these mistakes, the time frame and the hopeless course of serenity - what else can be so boring if you don’t want to change everything to the smallest detail, go back in time, or start all the work first. No one but himself, no one could understand the situation, because he decided so, and now, after long dreams, he will have to stop it.
The energy of the pictures is what bothered the mind. Blame for this Walter Berrow knew about the problem, most likely, but did not want to help anything, as if he provoked and substituted a free letter in a simple equation. From here comes the system, and it was worth nothing to bring it to the end. And Jack Waiton is a real friend, and just had to take the right step: to find and force programmist to remake the contract.

Alex didn’t like the coffee, sugar interfered with his taste and spoiled his mood, but the guy finished his drink and went to the platform near the house.

Looking at the glass surface of the windows glowing in the distance, in the space of winter darkness, making a positive wish, he moved away from the crowd of strange people, looked down at the snowy road, turned to the left, went, creaking the sole of his boots, right along a thick layer of sticky path. Near him appeared silhouettes of snowdrifts, visible when illuminating the lanterns.

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