Darley-city. Waiton`s alternative

Chapter nineteenth. "The flash of light will soon"

I talked about the tragic melody. Mysteriously: when you meet with an almost incomprehensible person, and in the end you understand: this is Gregory Goodyear, and there, behind him, the others sit in the dark. You are scared, but the only thing that will save you, change the course, becomes different, it is a camera. That is what will be your helper between light and darkness. They offer you to create a photo, and you agree, filling yourself a great price for your work.

Once, walking in around, I heard an unknown sound that called someone, a cold cry for help. Strangers do not go there, it was anywhere... The stars were so restrained and strange, why I was so surprised by such darkness. At an unknown age, everything could be different, but it happened exactly as you did not want.
But, if Alex Ives had not gone to the company of the Goodyears and Berrows, life would not have become like a multi-colored chaos, but would be serene and satisfactory, as the photographer himself felt.

For what he did every day (studio photo-shoots, presentations of different angles and models, nightly gatherings and photo processing, running around the city outskirts in the evening, almost close to twilight and midnight, daily morning headaches and drinking coffee), everything He was tormented, and what he chose because of ignorance, he was paid five dollars for it. It is true, it could get more...
Envy, a sense of pretense, secrecy, gloating, sparks of indignation - however, the search for everything he had to endure, to feel, creating a different reality - real, but it seems to be tangible, as if it were here and now. What happened to Alex? What has he become? What is he doing now? How does it behave at this hour? Questions take an incomprehensible form, and it was necessary to solve them as quickly as possible, which was what detective Waiton was doing, reading books and asking specialists, plunging more and more into an unnecessary cloud of darkness, forgetting about other things, duties and dreams.

It was darkness, fretting, not letting go one step, gnawing at the soul and surging upon the body with all the painful pressure. It remained to be understood whether Ive really did not know or specifically did such an action.
The master of darkness and of tricks Bengalius Cheshkerston, only he could help in the investigation, to protect random people, and to transform the problem into a quiet life. Jack Waiton addressed him a little later, but almost on time, just before the battle against evil.

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