Darley-city. Waiton`s alternative

Chapter twenteeth. "Explicit, inexplicable something"

One day after, behind the secret deals of detective Waiton... The part of a meeting, which could give the rewards to the evil Goodyear`s tryness to take more riches.
- The mirror is hanging on the wall, showing my face only to me.
I see the smooth surface soft, and at the same time pointed, details of which it is made... - said Alex, meting Jack and shaked his hand by his hand.
He entered in the room, after few days of his escape.
- There, inside, under a thick layer of glass board, is a thin layer of silver that reflects the image, the light and absorbs any emotion... - Alex tried to say better, but nothing good didn't said.
- Projection? Why would someone project from evilness, pain, excessive pleasure, provoke unreasonable acts? I dont know... - asked Jack Waiton, washing his arms into the warm and clean water.
- I need protection, some kind of effective amulet against the very energy of the mirror, otherwise it will kill me with its properties and those actions that were sent by someone against me. It was alien, hostile magic, but it existed! - Alex washed hands too, and added the tea in his cup, drank it all in one minute.
- The only question is: "if you have everything you need, you rejoice at every moment, you feel great, you get maximum positive impressions, then why, for whatever reason, do you reflect rage?" - Detective surprised.
- I do not need your explanations, I just do not understand it. I fell again yesterday, but I barely restrained the pipes of the old radiator... - Alex told experence.
- Were they covered? - Jack ashked, opened the files of the affairs.
- They were covered in stainless paint! Therefore, there is no stickiness, no reflection, no water after touching. I found protection! - photographer answered, looking into windows of work cabinet.
But the guest didn`t something at all, sitting into armchair, and shifting his eies from place to place round the room.

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