Darley-city. Waiton`s alternative

Chapter twenty second. "Rare calm"

- I know, we can assume that the result is important to others, but it does not matter what the result is, and whose outcome it is. To invest the whole soul, all the time - why, if the result can be selected by others. It is better to write poems to order - no one will take your manuscripts other than clients.
Spending time and emotions on proving your work, when the time to hand over the work is over - this is your deed without meaning. When you try to recover to the previous position or move to another, preparing all the necessary and new materials for work and testing by the deadline, then someone who doesn’t know at all is wedged into your problem and throws away, mixes all the “playing cards”. It is not worth it...
You can sit and think about your behavior, all kinds of thoughts, about the consequences of your inaction, everything.
Meaning can be found in other people's requests. They promised to help you in return for your time, and did not help at the right time, but you tried and got something completely different.
You got someone else's time and thoughts of others, achievements of others and ideas of others. Find now the envelope and type in medium font the name of the new chapter of your strange life.
When your time comes again, then remember any mistakes and start from the place where your movie frame broke. Take a video of your success ... - Jack Waiton calmed his nerves, breathing fresh November air, standing near the door of gallery, and said these suggestions to Alex Iives, who, judging by his appearance and expression, did not feel happy at that moment.
Former photographer, - Alex himself decided so, - thought for a few seconds about something fleeting, and answered:
"- I could not agree with you, but I regret that I was so mean and absurdly furnished, beaten and thrown, like an unnecessary toy, they accused me of mysterious and non-converging events!" - He was right, right in that he admitted mistakes and did not shift the frivolous attitude to life on his enemies.
Now he had to find a new path, the weeks for which the search could exceed a reasonable amount of hours, but he clearly understood how to begin and how to finish.
Jack did not rush him, because a stranger, even if an assistant, did not dare and had no right to violate the circumstances of other people's misfortunes and needs, duties and rights, it was not in his jurisdiction, and all the participants in the investigation agreed with this position. Alex was free, but was under police surveillance, because on another day he could serve as a witness or a defendant if details of the case of Barrows and Goodyears appeared.
The guy slowly walked down the fire escape to the site, stopped at the black exit indecisively, and at the moment when the detective discovered the electrical code on the wide gates, Alex quickly went outside the police station, inspecting the hands and the soles of his shoes, wanting to verify the marks . Jack Waiton pressed the lock button, and the doors snapped shut with a rattling sound.

"I do not know, but friendship can be such that to each other to come and talk quietly. Does this mean that you are connected with a friend, just as friends, as former acquaintances, about anything and for anything met and talked. And no one owes anyone anything. Advice the right can be and for you, and for interlocutor. Left and said goodbye. Politely. No one bothers anyone else. Self-sustained."..  Jack whyton Thought, closing the door from the street behind him, entering the corridor, and walking along the parquet lines to his office.
Suddenly appeared before his eyes happy and rested Mr. Ronald Warner, who a month ago went on a ten-day vacation to calm down after difficult tasks. Now he was clearly ready for new heights and labyrinths of mysteries.
 We all, when we have a case, quickly move on to other major plans. But someone spends a lot of time insulting others and not thinking about the results. They break the ideals we create for our lives. In fact, they decide wishes without our participation. It's so bad, but they don't ask us. Why?  Ronald asked.
- I, if I was the one who decided questions of life, discovering the secrets of others, concealing their thoughts, I could help you with the knowledge of the senseless rush and achievement that should not be achieved... I hope you don't mind two cups of coffee, I made an espresso last night and I put the kettle in the fridge on my way home late at night... Join to me? - Jack shrugged, pushing himself through the doorway and removing his hat.
His friend had no doubt already brought the appearance in perfect order and was going to have lunch, making every effort not to pounce on sandwiches, which rustled labels in a handy bag.
- So how's your shift going without me?  again started the conversation first.
- As usual, only I'm more confused and a little scared, seeing Alex Ives off... - rapped the second.
- He probably needs time to think... What are our opponents doing, I mean brothers Berrow? - Ronald didn't want to miss out on a particular joint venture.
- In addition, they are not alone the secrets and exposed the crimes, there's Goodyears counted to the opposition! - educating friend, Jack pushed a plate towards himself and preparing food.
- Could be better... - the return of the journalist slowed down the investigation twice, and while he delved into new details, the mechanism of events did not go either to the right or to the left from the point on the hyperbole of detective action.

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