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Group Project

Amy's POV-

I awoke to the beeping of my alarm which I slapped down. Rolling out of the comforts of bed I got ready and dressed for school. My throat burned I groaned with the crawling sensation that itched along my skin.

               Maybe a shower will get rid of it.

I stomped over to the shared bathroom to take a quick shower before grabbing my backpack and running down stairs. The sound of conversation greeted me; mainly centered around the kitchen table where everyone was munching on their breakfast.

I poured myself a slapdash bowl of cereal and splashed some milk onto the dry wheat-y frosted flakes. The first spoon full I put in my mouth tasted rotten and with a gag I spit out all over the table.

"AMY!" My Mom slammed her fork onto the table, voice hard as the grey shards of stone eyes that pieced their full gaze onto me now. I stuttered for a while trying to explain my action, meanwhile my siblings were staring at me. Ivy with a smile smirk on her face.

Not helping!

"I think the milk has curdled, it tastes rotten, so I go and... toss it." I got up abruptly; not waiting for an answer and went to toss both the milk and my remaining cereal into the garbage. "Maybe I'll just skip breakfast today." Mumbling under my breath I turned around, slung my backpack over my shoulder and headed out the door for school.

As per usually Poppy met me along the way. She had a bounce in her step. "You look happier than normal for a school morning." I chuckled as the silver-eyed girl practically skipped alongside me. "Just... Can't wait to see somebody." She hummed.

"Ohhhh.... You have a crush..." I whispered in her ear. "Forget I said anything." She said franticly shaking her head, "We already talked about this anyways. I'm single anywho. Besides he helps me." He voice got increasing quiet as a blush increasingly grew on her face.

"Oh my gosh, Poppy, your face is almost as red as your hair! What lewd thoughts have you been thinking, Poppy?!" I exclaimed just to embarrass her. And it worked. Another bright flare of red blush flooded her cheeks, bright red like molten iron.

"I AM GOING TO GET YOU BACK FOR THIS!" She growled underneath a red face. I smothered my giggles behind my hand.


For the most part all classes went uneventfully... Except for science which was more exciting... In History we handed in our packets then unfortunately were given another and were told to dutifully complete them by Monday. Scarlet stole glance at me during the class, most of which told of questions she so badly wanted to ask but every time I caught her looking I'd shoot her a glare. Not the best at making new friends. Not enterally my fault, she looked like she wanted to dissect me as well as all those untold questions.

When I got to Mr. Curtain's class second period of the day.

"Welcome back class!" Mr. Curtain said in his booming voice. "Aren't we glad the school didn't burn down!"

"Oh, how terrible that would have been." I snickered under my breath. Keon besides me snorted. "So now I've got a group project for you all." His forest-green eyes scanned the room. "The groups will be posted at the door... Now the projects is about the environment around us, which is as we know very important, and what we can do to help improve that environment."

"Right now, I'm passes out a instructions on this project. You can do it in the form of a poster board, or slide show, or an essay." Mr. Curtain said passing out a paper to every student." On the board is a list of groups-" I let my eyes wander to the boarder and the groups.

               I hope Poppy's in my group.

Period 2

*Calvin, Keon, Chase- Group 1

*Poppy, Shelly, Amy- Group 2

*Mike, Savanna, Liz- Group 3

*Jake, Cole, Eva, Iren- Group 4

               Yes, Poppy is with me!... And Shelly... Oh well.

Mr. Curtain walked back to the board. "You will be doing this project with your group on your own time." He added. "The trick through is to use chemistry in how humans try to improve the environment." He stopped at the front of the class, flipped around to face the blackboard, picked up a piece of chalk and began the lesson.

I was so engrossed in the lesson I didn't notice the crumbled ball of notepaper fly at my head or feel it. A second one aimed and fired at my head. This time I took notice of it and unraveled the ball of lined paper when it bounced off of my head and onto my desk.

Looking towards the direction of fire I locked eyes with an irritated looking Poppy who mimicked writing on a paper, crumpling it up, then tossing it.

'What group are you in? I can't see the board paper.' Poppy's loopy handwriting scribbled across the first line in blue pen.

'I'm with you and Shelly.' I replied under her question in my own pencil after looking up to make sure Mr. Curtain's back was turn and wasn't watching. As a second thought I added a smiley face at the end of my sentence. Looking up again to see if the old science teacher was watching I crumpled the paper back into a ball I aimed and tossed it back to Poppy; she caught it."

The paper landed near my hand 'I don't really like her; too cocky... Shelly'

Ariadne Black

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