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Another Wound

Amy's POV-


I hated being trapped inside, and it all caused me to sulk some more in my corner. Of course no one told me to stay in the corner, but I didn't care; I wanted to here, at least I could control something at that was where I was.

"Are you done sulking?" Came the feminine voice across the room. It was around noon now if I had to guess. "No."

"Amy, if you stop brooding, I could teach you some things." Out of the corner of my eye I saw her give a sarcastic head shake. " If you want to get technical it's my job, I wanted to be a teacher." Her turquoise eyes lit up with that familiar spark I saw before, obviously she liked the idea of teaching or at least shoving knowledge into peoples' heads.

"Shorten your backstory to 20 words or less!" I growled but I knew I was being nasty to the elder female and it irked me for some reason that she didn't look fazed in the slightest my remark; not even a twitch.

"Control your temper, Amy." Gertrude simply waved me off as if she was dealing with an angry toddler. "Well apparently I can't even control that!" I hissed. Gertrude froze and at first I thought it might from something I said but when I tried to speak again she shushed me.

My temper flared. I wasn't a two-year-old! Gertrude saw my look of indignation and hissed a reply. "Amy, use your ears; someone is coming up the stairs." And with that she dived the bed which I had yet to clean like I had promised myself.

I actually did as I was told and listen; staining out my hearing and sure enough I heard the thomp, thomp of footsteps clomping up the set of stairs.

I backed into my corner, crossing my hands over my chest and trying to look like a statue. Gertrude hissed from under the bed. "Get down here right now, you're suppose to be in school if you haven't forgotten!"

After a moment of hesitation, I scooted in besides her, waves of heat wafted off of her in the close proximity.

"Why are you so hot? It's going to be like a furnace down here!" I hissed under my breath. She shushed me again but this time I didn't get mad, I was uncomfortable with the heat. Gertrude finally sighed "I'll give you a quick answer; Demons have a hotter body temperature than humans." She went quiet again. The door creaked open and boots appeared in the door frame. There was a long moment of silence. I could feel the tension building, and invisible feeling in the air that was becoming thicker and thicker.

And I thought for moment;

               We're the unseen monsters under your bed, sheltering in the closet, watching through the cracks in the walls.

I also hated that they were in my room, MY room! I could smell them, sweat, and a musky cologne. Male. I curled my lip, I didn't want him in my room. I shifted closer to the edge of the bed where I could see more; his lower half of the body was visible and was twisting around like he was looking around the room.

After a while there was a grunt and the man turned back and left, presumably not finding whatever he was searching for.

Gertrude shuffled out from the bed and dragged me along behind her by the collar of my shirt. "This is why you are not allowed outside! You were practically waiting for him to get closer, so you could bite him!" She ran a hand through her hair.

"I am just glad to be out of the furnace of under the bed, geesh you are like a mini heater." I dusted myself off. Gertrude rolled her eyes at that. "Different types of Demons also have different core body temperatures, Amy. I just happen to have a hotter one, just be happy I'm not a fire affinity or it would have been a sauna because they heat up when they're nervous."

"They must go through houses like Apollo goes through lovers then." I sassed back which received a deadpan stare from Gertrude. I rolled my eyes again.

"Do you know who that was?" I looked away to the door before glancing back at Gertrude. She shrugged, "I don't know... And don't frown like that or you're get wrinkles."

I realized that I was frowning and smoothed out my skin.


It was around the time that kids would be let out of school by now and I sank down onto my bed and covered my eyes with my arm. Gertrude was out so maybe I could sneak but currently I felt drained of energy. Now a knock came out from the door, I was expecting anyone but the person who stepped in; Todd. He scratched his head nervously. "Your mother wants to see you."

"Why didn't she come up here herself?" I narrowed my eyes at the man who only shrugged. "I'm surprised you even knew that this part of the house existed considering that you're on the couch all the time."

"Your mother just wants to talk to you, Amy." He cleared his throat clearly uncomfortable. He mumbled something before leaving to clomp down the stairs again. I waited a few seconds before following after, the only difference is I go to the living room.

Mom was there in her bedroom sitting in a couch chair in the corner of the room reading a novel. Her grey eyes looked up from the book she was reading and pierced into me. For a second a thought I had been caught and my mom had figured out about the contact lenses, but she only offered a cold smile all the while her eyes like shards of rock bore into my skin.

I stepped into the room; no matter how many times I told myself that she could not have that I took the contact, if she knew they were gone at all, my heart palpitated furiously in my chest afraid of being found guilty even if it was something so insignificant.

Ariadne Black

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