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Justice Mindset

Amy's POV-


"That was a dead body Amy! We have to call the police!" Poppy panted in the back alley near my house. "Yeah, but then we'll be questioned! The cops will find it suspicious that we just stumbled upon a body!" I countered back.

Poppy stood her ground, "Fine we call the police and make it look like you found the body on accident! Do you have a library book, or really any book will do."

I thought guiltily back to the journal hidden in the drawer up in my room. I nodded. I didn't want to go to the police... Something in my knew that the humans there would say it was the Things that attacked not a person; but I knew the truth, the cuts and wounds were too clean and precise to be made by those monsters, they were made by a different kind of monster.

I reluctantly agreed with the idea, I mean we couldn't just leave her body to rot. So we trekked back to the Library once I got the journal from my room and called the police after we were inside. The blaring of sirens greeted us a few moments later and I hissed in Poppy's ear "Let me do the talking." The girl gave me a irked look but agreed with a nod of her head.

When the police arrived along with an ambulance we both made ourselves look as distraught as possible.

Evelyn's dad walked up to us, his piercing green eyes contrasting against his dark skin. Furrowed eyebrows and bushy mustache looked down at us. "Please, come outside and explain this situation."

I faked a sniffle and made myself appear as nonguilty and innocent as possible. He may be our friend's dad but that doesn't mean he'll just give us leeway.

                Damn him and his justice mindset!

Poppy had tears in her eyes; this time I don't think they were fake, she didn't want to be arrested. The Poppy everyone knew never got in trouble.

"Well.. Sir I wanted to drop off my library book early, I had already finished it and wanted to return it quickly." I showed the journal in my arms, "And I asked my friend to come with me..." gesturing to Poppy who was full on wailing at this point I continued. "We went down to the Library but the inside was dark-"

"And you didn't think you should've just left." Evelyn's dad interrupted.

"You know I can always wait for a lawyer, I am guaranteed to one if I can't afford it to defend me, and must we not forgot that I have the right to remain silent." I tried to keep my attitude in check. The burly man before us looked shock but motioned for me to continue.

"Thank you, anyways... We went to see if the doors were locked and they weren't which would be odd if the place were closed." I looked up with my puppy dog-eyes façade. "Then we smelt this horrible stench and went to see what it was only to find the body of dear Librarian! And all her flowers were dying, dead, they weren't watered for days! She would never do that!" I pinched myself hard behind my hold on the journal to make tears well up in my eyes.

Evelyn's dad gave a sigh, "That sounds plausible, but I'll have to detain you both for further questioning." 
At this Poppy gave a blubbering cry. This plan was going south quickly. We were pushed into the cold interior of a cop car. The seats had no cushioning, were plastic and were like a bench; all one row. A divider separated the driver and the persons in the back. Very little A.C crept into the back of the car and I was verge of dying from the heat. Everything about the cop car was designed to make those arrested and shoved in the back uncomfortable.

The officer in the passenger seat up front noted my heated expression from the mirror and I saw her hand reach up to crank the A.C. higher and to full blast. I sighed in relief and leaned against the door for the duration of the ride to the police station.

For the rest of the day we were both questioned-secretly though- then put into temporary cells that lined a far wall in a darker part of the station.

After finally forever, a female cop strolled up to the bars and unlocked them. "Well it seems that the body in the Library is days old" She said reading from a sheet of paper. "So technically we don't have a thing on either of you two. Also, no fingerprints on the body or sadly any other thing to incriminate you both." She opened the cell door and turned her back. "So, you're both free to go... Just get home before dark..."


My mom didn't pick me up until an hour later and the car ride home was left in stony silence. Finally she sighed and tapped her manicured fingers on the steering wheel as we pulled to a stop for a red light. "Mind telling me why you were arrested?"

I debated on forming another lie but that wouldn't go well if the police were to question my mother or if she were to go to them. So, I told the lie that Poppy and I told the police officers. As I talked Mother's fist clenched around the steering wheel tighter, her cold eyes stared at the road and never once did they look back at me.

Ariadne Black

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