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Amy's POV-

School was today and I woke up with a bundle of nerves. I still had the thought of my dad in my head. I still planned on going to see him later on in the day anyway, but maybe with a way on how to make things less awkward, like bringing food.

I stayed in bed until the last minuet just thinking about after school when I was going to go to my father, and apologies for the electricity in the forest. I also had to watch out for Samantha who was basically here all day.

I jumped out of bed and padded towards my closet and changed my clothes before rushing to school.

The day passed by surprisingly quickly. I got handed homework, was scolded by teachers and chatted to Poppy. Lunch came around and all I did was respond to questions that others threw at me.

When I arrived home at the end of the school day I trotted upstairs to prepare an apology gift of food until I realized that human food was disgusting. On the spot I felt deflated; I didn't know another way to approach my father and this apology gift was my opening. I tossed the towel that I had planned to wrap the food in on the floor in frustration.

Samantha suddenly appeared in the doorway in full uniform and her phone was pressed against her ear. She stopped talking when she saw me and an awkward silence ensued.

Samantha pursed her lips and looked away before walking to her corner of the room. I scowled and decided to get the pain relief cream from my mother's bathroom and just give it to him. I was still at a standstill, I didn't really know how to give pain relief to my dad or if he needed it in the first place.

I growled a "screw it." before shoving the pain cream in my pocket. It it somehow came up in conversation I'd bring it up. Samantha had left the room and went to the bathroom. I heard the bathroom lock click and I went to the window before jumping out.

I trudged to the edge of town where my father was. Anxiety was slowly filling me as I approached and I could soon see white fur of the Demon that was my father.

He lifted his head up upon hearing my approach and watched me as I walked up. I froze there in front of him and tried to figure out what to say. "I'm sorry about shocking you in the forest...." My eyes turned down. I felt something rub against my leg and when I shifted my eyes to look I found my father had got up and was leaning against my leg comfortingly. I smiled. When Jack leaned away I sat down in the grass and my father sat curled up next to me.

I sighed and forgot about my anxiety and the pain relief cream that I had planned to give in the first place.

For a while there was just silence until the rustle of grass disturbed the quite. My head snapped around to the source of the sound but nothing was there. It didn't make sense for the wind to make that sound; there hadn't been any wind.

Jack who had previously fallen asleep was awake now and was staring off the same direction that I was. The air grew tenser until suddenly something shot out of the grass and entangled around me. It was a net. It was immediately. followed another one that wrapped around Jack who had been trying to bite at my net, but not even a rip was created.

I shifted into something smaller to see if I could squeeze through but no such luck. It was woven together tightly and now all that I could think to do was discharge electricity into the air. From the grass people emerged. I saw Samantha cowering in the back behind some unfamiliar man and they were all heading this way.

Samantha's POV-

Why did I have to be assigned to this family? I looked down at my phone where a list of suspicious activities was pulled up.

               This girl checked off quite a few, so why didn't I report her?

I wanted to believe it was because the things that she checked off were minor, that maybe a normal teenager does these things now-a-days. But that wasn't it. I was just too scared of that short, creepy man that now followed chief around.

I walked out of the bathroom to find Amy wasn't there. She often wasn't. But the window was open, not many people around here leave their windows open. I went downstairs and asked around if anyone had seen Amy leave. Maybe this was a misunderstanding, maybe she w]had just walked out the door, maybe I was just overthinking. But no one had, and if she was gone no one knew where she might of gone to.

More checks on the list.

I went back upstairs. Had she gone out the window? That would've been quite a drop, nothing you couldn't survive but still. I definitely had to call in now. Picking up my phone with shaky hands I dialed the number that was on the 'Suspicious actions' list. A rough voice answered, "Would you like to report someone?"


"Please state the name of the person and your name."

"Amy Tomson, my name is Samantha Pocket." There was a long pause before the voice replied, "Alright, we know your location. We'll come pick you up and you can tell us what's going on." The voice clicked off and I was left holding my phone in my hand, staring at a wall, waiting for whoever to arrive.

Amy's POV-

Great now I was stuck in cat form. I was too panicked to even think about the shape of myself and shift back. As the people approached slowly I noticed weapons in their hands. I hissed and kept firing off waves of electricity. All around the grassy plain was covered in thick frosty ice. I knew I couldn't do that so it must've been Jack's doing.

A spear of electricity- that now was more like lightning-struck the ice close to were the advancing humans were and shattered the frozen ground. Shards of ice refracted like mini diamonds as they were tossed into the air only to rain down again. The people shielded their faces from the falling shards but even from where I was I could see thin lines of blood trickle across skin from where they couldn't cover and were hit.

Ariadne Black

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