Devil's Soul

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24. Congratulations

After the incidents on Christmas Eve I had passed out from how tired I was. From that moment on almost every single person would know what it was that I did. I never saw George's parents after that, my friends started to call every single day trying to get me to answer all the questions they had, but I wouldn't answer, all I would do was look at the phone and mite my lip so I wouldn't answer; my mom would also call, but she wouldn't ask anything, because she understood now what I was doing, my father, on the other hand, he would call every now and then with questions I wasn't going to answer and my brother also called, but he only did it to see how I was doing. I answered all the calls from my father, which is why I always felt like shit after talking to him, I could hear in his voice the worry, the anger and the incapacity to do anything to help me burning inside of him, and then the huge rage after I stayed silent when he asked something I could not answer.

Other than that, the next couple of days were pretty dull, because my parents drove me back to Morelia, and an ambulance was right behind us with its sirens on so that helped us move even faster. The doctors at the hospital told my parents I was fine, biologically speaking, just really tired, my mom nodded in response but my father, being a doctor as well (my mom is a doctor too, but she somehow understood this magic business better than even I did), decided to keep me in the room for some days to see if anything changed, so I stayed in a hospital room for three days (I also spent Christmas day over there, but I was still passed out, I didn't wake up until eleven at night that day).

In those days the dream I was already used to have changed a little. Just like with George, but less severe this time, or so it seemed: when I opened my eyes in the ocean I could see three silhouettes, two of them were fighting, one had a staff and the other didn't, whereas the one far behind only stared, after that the snake in the water ate them and what was left were two other things there, staring at something and then turning around trying to escape.

The scene changed into the usual dream, the ocean getting tainted with a drop of blood and then it turning purple, a whisper saying my name, the water dropping down wetting all in its way, leaving me with a black sky. Me walking through someone's rooftop, yellow lights here and there lighting the dark night up staring at two big buildings, one after the other, and me recognizing that building only to turn around and find the Cathedral in Morelia, and then the roof ended and I began to fall, like now, yet, I stood up in the air, it was all completely white all of a sudden when someone touched me, which made me turn to see, and heard the same whisper of my name and found the white had turned into darkness where a couple of red eyes blinked breaking the darkness into a billion shattered glass pieces until the place looked like the Translucid Dimension and a mirror was in front of me, and what was reflected wasn't me, but now I knew it wasn't HIM either, it was so weird to see that... I walked backwards agian and the Translucid Dimension broke making me fall from the Empire State in the middle of the city, then I saw my school being destroyed by a black snake and it all faded into the same impossible white room, where someone stood there, he looked like me, but his eyes were different and he looked like someone who had gone through hell.

"Don't do it..." He always said in that dream, crying, with his eyes red from the tears and somehow he was also covered in blood. Like a bomb had imploded on him. "Turn away...." his voice started to break. "Give up" And that didn't seem like a good choice, or a thing George would forgive me for doing.

Then I hit the ground that became the same ocean as before, but in a darker version. And there, just like with George, I saw the silhouettes again, but this time there were four. One of them had a staff (this silhouette was red though), the one in front of it (with a blue color) had one too, but it somehow made me feel scared; the blue and red fought until the red's staff blew away and the blue one made an attack, which didn't hit the red guy, but actually the two other silhouettes, who fell to the ground.

And I woke up. Every time I'd wake up there wanting to understand what had just happened not seeing that it was premonition, like always. I just didn't seem to understand that I had to listen to my dreams, they always told me something bad was coming and not once did I listen to them. Maybe that's what got me here.

When I opened my eyes on the twenty-ninth of December I knew it was time for me to get out of there. The door opened and from it walked my father, he was next to a doctor that had some papers on his hand, they were talking about some other patient in the hospital not noticing that I was awake, so I just sat down and stared at them, that's when my phone rang and the doctors looked at me.

I grabbed my phone before staring back at them, the locked screen only said I  had a message from Owen, an angry message more surely. I didn't want to read it, so I turned the phone again and faced the two doctors in the room. The one I didn't recognize smiled at me, while my father only stared with anger and tears on his face.

"Congratulations, you're good to go!" Said the doctor. He turned around and started to walk away at the same time a nurse walked into the room to get him. Those two left talking about stuff I wouldn't understand ever.

"You brought my clothes?" I asked, my dad took up a bag from the floor and gave it to me, in there was a couple of grey tennis, black jeans, a white shirt and a leather jacket. "Thanks!" I said taking each item out before standing up and walking to the bathroom to change.

Alex Scrivenor

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