Devil's Soul

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26. The Truth

The ball of blood and flesh appeared almost instantaneously. I remember that when I passed out and woke up in the middle of the air I couldn't help but to stare at Sophie, she was standing there, with a bunch of water made guns ready to fire, floating in the air, her arm was completely torn apart bleeding everywhere and behind her was a demon whose name I never understood. Except for that moment, when the ball popped, and HE said it in unison with me.


I don't know what was supposed to happen, Zagan was the best choice to fight Sophie but apparently, like when he fought me, he underestimated his opponent. It seems like a thing he tends to do, because it wouldn't be the last time that happened. Still, when HE stood there in front of the water founder and the crocodile-man demon, HE didn't stand down or hesitate at all, HE smiled.

"Well, who do we have here?" HE said with so much confidence in HIS voice I didn't know where it was all coming from. "A founder that couldn't protect herself, and a demon that was supposed to be teaching languages to get people killed! What happened to you Agares?"

"Master..." She responded taking some steps back. "No, I was told my hunter had to be the human! Bael said...."

"Bael never tells the entire truth, he changed the game after the kid hunted the Unholy Trinity, didn't you know that?" HE smiled at the demoness. Something was different this time, usually it's just HIM attacking people and making the demon succumb into HIS command after being completely slaughtered. As for any other victims, the casualties, they were only for fun, people HE'd kill for the thrill of it. "Now then, what should I do with you?"

"Kill Demon Hunter" Said Sophie with a voice that only reminded me of a robot. There were no feelings in her words as there was no note of humanity in it either. "Kill Demon Hunter" She repeated.

"Ugh..." HE responded with disgust. "Do you mind?" HE said pointing at the girl, Agares looked at her and then smiled, she probably remembered something from that time when people thought HIM to be the murderer. "Huh?"

"Yes" She answered. "Yes, I do. You can't defeat a founder, you have no idea how! This is perfect!!" Agares was super happy with what she had just realized, she had just found the one thing that HE couldn't defeat, the great last mage of the Null trapped in a body of a kid whose power just so happened to be strong enough to hold him. "Detain him, I need to find Bael...." She ordered Sophie.

"Perfect, you say..." HE said looking at Agares with a shadow on his eyes that just screamed 'danger', like a fire of rage being fed, but then again, that form with the white vest and white everything (aside from the shoes because they didn't exist), anger just heightened, like a drug that you just loved taking and without noticing it you ha consumed the entire store, so you to another, and then another, and no matter what you try, you always eat more, you always want more. HE always got angrier. Alma Satánica was always angrier. Rage always burned brighter. "I guess you really have no fucking idea who you're dealing with, do you?"

Sophie jumped into the air, a pair of wings made from water lifted her up about ten meters into the sky, then she extended her arms as she screamed out of pain from the injured one. Two seconds later the sky was filled with swords, bows with arrows, spears, cannons, guns, and weapons of all sorts, all with the same thing that they were made from water. I blinked twice not believing my eyes, this was the power of someone who wasn't a Holder like me or my cousin, and currently HIM.

"Cute" HE said. "You know, I could let her hit me with everything she's made and say the two words that scare the crap out of this kid the most! Kill everyone within a hundred-mile radium, so almost the entire city!" HE smiled and Agares started to walk backwards not being able to look away from HIM. "But, since you're not worth all that, I'll just do this...."

HE extended a hand as the magic circle appeared beneath HIM with that orange color. I stared at the inverted cross right below HIM, I never understood what it meant really, because movies and other things had commercialized it way too much. For me it was the signature of evil, but could a person that went through what HE did be truly evil? That day I wondered that, because that day I learned the truth behind the story of the Organization.

"Torbellino Plateado" HE said. Behind him appeared the circle, and at the edges of the ring a wind started to draw itself until a bunch of blades appeared and they began to circle around, faster and faster as they grew on volume. Then I understood it. 'Torbellino Plateado' meant 'Silver Whirlwind', and the reason it was silver was simple: it was made out of blades. The spell was like a crueler version of Mil Cuchillas, that only made a thousand blades rain onto whomever was in the way; this thing though, the silver whirlwind, it would kill anyone who was near the place, I was glad the place was deserted but still worried about Sophie.

The whirlwind began to take form after HE had tensed HIS extended arm, you could see every vein in my body popping out like the roots of a tree. When HE pointed to the sky and then to Agares I swallowed saliva knowing what was coming, and I couldn't do anything to stop it, no one could. So I just stared quietly and hoped for the best.

And his hand went brutally down.

All the blades began to circle faster and faster as they multiplied in number. And then there was a moving whirlwind that looked more like a worm. It flew above HIM moving through the air in search for victims, when it noticed all the water weapons starting to get fired at the man in the white suit, the worm moved so fast all you could see was the light it reflected as it passed through; every single weapon and ammunition was destroyed the second the whirlwind stabbed it, then it went to get Sophie.

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