Devil's Soul

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27. Lamashtu

"So..." I said remembering the story HE told me. The almost everything fit with what Owen told me, HIM killing his father, going from body to body until Merlin, and then coming to me. It fit with the story Sophie told me about the founders' time on Greece, and it explained all the gaps the Organization left. But it also fit with the story Anzu told me not that long ago, about Morningstar turning the prison into a book with a newfound power, except it wasn't new, it was old, and it was feared throughout the entire universe for it was the power of a mad man, of the Devil. "That man who did all for his child, was he..."

Morningstar? HE asked knowing where my mind was going. Yes. I don't know exactly what this man is up to, but whatever it is, it can't be good. It almost never is...

"But he was in Merlin's time... how could he still be alive?" I asked, I couldn't understand it, how was this possible? What did it mean? Should I fear it? Should I fear him?

I don't know kid... Told you all went dark the moment he put me in that Tarot book... Have no idea what happened there.

"You think it's possible" I asked in the floor staring at the ceiling. I needed an honest answer, so far all he knew was to give up the body from people he actually didn't like. And to be honest, I'm not entirely sure I would fight to keep mine, my life has been torn apart and it wasn't even because of HIM, well... sorta, but not quite. "The souls fusion?"

I know that no one has done it. We've been getting the same info so far.

"Yeah... I know that..." I turned around and started to stand up, my arms shivered from tiredness and so did my legs, but I managed to finally get on my feet. I smiled once I was standing, I felt accomplished. "Well... life won't get better just lying on the ground!"

I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror of my closet. There you could see that I was wearing a white shirt with long sleeves and a pair of black plaid pants. I smiled at the thing, never did I expect to find something like this on my body, I do use pijamas, but most of the times they're just a pair of pants I found and the shirt I was already wearing. I laughed at the sight of this.

"It looks weird, doesn't it?"

A little.

The opened that second and I turned around to see who it was, wondering why they didn't knock before they entered the room. I stopped to stare at the intruder, he was tall, had dark hair, blue eyes, wore a grey shirt beneath a black leather jacket and a pair of jeans with some pointy black shoes. He had this British accent.... You know, typical Cole.

"You're awake!" He screamed. "I didn't think you'd wake up today!" He was so excited. "Well, doesn't matter, I guess. Come, everyone's waiting for you!" He smiled.

I guess there's not much to say about what happened next. I asked Cole before going whose clothes were these, to which he answered that they were his. I laughed at it, because the shirt was long form me my hands couldn't get out of the sleeves and my feet stepped on the end of the pants as long as I wasn't wearing any shoes, which was the case. Cole smiled at me and told me to get changed after that, said I should wear something that made me feel proud of myself. I didn't understand why, so I just grabbed a couple of jeans and a shirt along with my boots.

When I got out of the room, I saw the big corridor of doors completely empty, which made me feel good. It meant there wasn't any surprises, at least I thought so, because the moment I stepped outside that corridor I saw Cole standing with his arms extended and a huge smile, Mal was next to him jumping and clapping, next to them was my cousin screaming, Owen was behind her, just clapping, and the founders where there too, they just clapped and smiled.

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!" They screamed. I noticed the big piece of cloth hanging from the roof saying with big white letters 'You're a Sergeant!' which, to be honest, didn't really change things at all for me. I didn't want that. I didn't like that. I hated it. All I wanted was to hunt the last few demons, end it all and go back to my boring AF life! Was that too much to ask?!

Yes. Yes it was.

During the tiny party Mal and Cole told me that Sergeants have teams and they lead them, they are always small teams so whenever they go undercover it becomes easier. They were over excited about being my first team, they said that it wouldn't matter to them not becoming sergeants themselves if I were to stay with them as my team. I think they were more excited than I could ever be about Organization related stuff.

Nothing important happened at that thing. HE complained about the human interaction with people I didn't even know, and especially with the founders. The founders told me things about their time at Greece and how they remembered HIM to look like, but it was all vague, so it didn't really matter. Owen told me I would be a great team-leader which was just a larger way of saying Sergeant, and Taylor hugged me saying that she understood why I was mad at the Organization, but that I shouldn't hold a grudge against it, after all, it had saved me. Not that I cared.

When nightfall came, I realized that it was the end of the twenty-ninth of December. The party took place from seven to ten pm, but I went back to sleep by nine, my entire body still shivered from all the energy loss HIS spell and my fight came with.

My dream was the same.

And I woke up the next day by eleven am. The day started with me opening my eyes into the deep blue water on my bed, I stood up only to look behind me and see the water was gone, I smiled, by now it came so natural to just stand up and see the water disappear behind me. I walked to my closet, the mirror showed the clothes from the party yesterday, I hadn't changed before going to sleep. I shook my head not believing myself and then took out a pair of black jeans and a blue shirt with long sleeves along with a pair of tennis.

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Story about: demons, hunting, blood shed

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