Devil's Soul

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3. Two O'Clock

My parents told me I could go with my friends to the plaza that day. I guess if you're not from Mexico this word doesn't really make a lot of sense, it's kind of like a mall, where small businesses gather amongst bigger ones, like Walmarts; every plaza also tends to have a cinema, there are two brands in the city, one literally called 'Cinema' and the other 'MexiMovie', I actually prefer the first one, it has way better service and food; the city has many plazas too, the most popular being ' the plaza' probably because no one really knows its true name, the next famous one is 'plaza Morelia', both having the Cinema brand and huge stores within them, the third big one is way up in one of the city's rich parts, it's expensive to live there, so no one really goes. So that Saturday morning, after putting on a pair of dark jeans, nikes and black shirt, my parents dropped me off at the plaza at twelve o'clock. A cold wind received me and I was off to the Cinema.

When I was at the third floor of the plaza, where the cinema was, I leaned on the barandal looking down through the big holes in every floor, connecting them somehow. On the lowest floor there were kids running around, and plenty adults staring at them, some teenagers were there too, but that many. The second floor was the one with a lot of teenagers, and the third was divided in two, the first half being restaurants filled with families and friends, and the second being the cinema I was in. I took my phone out and stared at the screen for a while, not really knowing what to answer...

We need to talk. It's really important Khan. I asked Luke what happened... this is bad.

Then I looked at my hand, with the black ring, it seemed like some sort of curse that was casted upon me. I hated it. Not really knowing what to answer I locked the phone and put it back on my pockets, continuing to stare at people. Some wind started to blow on my back that gave me the goosebumps, then a hand on my shoulder made me turn around.

"Hey kid" Said a man I had never seen. He was wearing an officer's clothing: a white T-shirt underneath a black vest that said 'POLICE', on his right shoulder was a walkie-talkie and another one on his belt filled with pockets, a gun and a teaser; the man also wore black pants and a pair of black shoes that for some reason gave me the impression where equipped with some kind of daggers... Maybe I've just watched a lot of movies... I thought. His skin was the typical latino tone, a bit lighter than mine, though, his eyes where green and he had brown messy hair; he was clearly strong, biceps over biceps, and even though you couldn't see from the vest, just his hand grip on my shoulder was enough to let me know how strong he actually was. "Are you lost?"

"What?" I asked, confused. "No, I'm waiting for some friends..."

"Is that so?" There was some sort of accent on him, but I couldn't identify it. "When did you agree on? Maybe you're..."

"We agreed to meet in two more hours... I just needed to clear my head" I answered. The man stared at me with wide open eyes, as if he couldn't be happier for what I just said. That's when I looked down at his shoes, and realized that there was one word on the front of them: Organization. "Damn..." I whispered to myself.

"Don't worry, I'll keep you company" Said the cop leading me downstairs, to the second floor. Except that he took me to the elevator, and once we were in, he made something in the air, the elevator went down and opened its door almost after a second, the Cop pushed outside. And just like that, I was back in the Control Room of the Organization. "We all will!"

"Khan!" Screamed my cousin running to me, she hugged me and then stepped back a few feet. She started to bite her nails, or seemed like it. The cop stopped walking when he was behind me, letting me know that he was 'the alfa' or something like that, I mean, he was definitely taller than me, but that was it. "I thought another had come after you..." Taylor seemed to be worried sick.

"You have a good cousin, kid!" Said the man, I turned around and walked sideways till the man was facing my cousin on front and was to my left, whilst my cousin stood to my right. He smiled before continuing. "You're also smart, I see..." He said.

"What are you even talking about?" I said not knowing anything at all.

"Oh" Said Taylor. "His name is Owen Bufus, he's my Captain!" She said. "He's one of the best, next month is his exam to become a General now that America's General has died!" She smiled. Why did she do that? Someone died and she smiles?! "He's really the best!"

"Well" He started to scratch behind his head, "let's not get over our heads here. But for what is worth, you're a really good Lieutenant!" He smiled this time and my cousin blushed looking away. Was she crushing on him?! "Right!" He said. "You become a Colonel tomorrow!".

"Only if I pass the exam!" She said.

"Right, right... but we both know you will, even Fred knew it before he died!" They just talked about death as if nothing had happened at all. Just another corpse on the street, oh well... "Either way, we're not here to talk about prodigies!" He said smiling and putting his hand on my shoulder again. Once more, goosebumps came all over me.

"What?" I still didn't understand anything.

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