Devil's Soul

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4. Passed Out

I passed out.

When you hear that, what do you think? I suppose it goes along the lines of closing my eyes, and getting deep into the dark abyss that is the mind, or some shit like that, right? Well, let me explain how this is different: for starters, I am the one who passed out, not my body, just me. Let's say my soul did; my body pretty much stayed with blank eyes, nothing in them to even let you see if I even had an iris to see, but as it turned out, something inside of me didn't pass out, another soul if you may, in fact, it woke up. Now, when I say 'pass out' and 'wake up' it's because that's how it feels, the moment all those wounds adorned my skin healed, I felt my eyes closing and me passing out, but opened my eyes the next second, staring at my own body in a slow motion camera, on the other side of the body was a dark figure which I could not comprehend, till it opened one red eye. And then I was floating in the air, looking at my own body getting back its eyes, but these were black, completely.

That's when all the 'Alma Satánica' stuff went on. So, if you were to translate this two words from Spanish to English, you'd find out that they literally mean Satanic Soul, which, to be honest, sounds pretty scary all on its own; truth be told, the name was scary, but what it did was some sort of power up for my body and the soul wielding it. The first thing that happened was me passing out and being transported into this astral zone, then HE woke up and disappeared in the blink of an eye, afterwards my body opened a pair of black eyes, and right that second all the blood in the floor started to revolve with the dirt and pieces of bone and flesh till my body was in a bubble. The bubble became more and more little as the suit from the Organization started to change, when it was all done, even the staff had changed.

Down there, before my eyes, lied a man inside my body, he wore a white vest and tight white pants with a belt of black fabric tied to his waist making a pair of tails behind him; his feet weren't covered by anything like all, so, like me, he was barefoot. All the wounds the body had received when I used it were now healed and there was no blood around whatsoever, just the clean floor as if nothing had happened. And the staff? Well, that had become a white sword with a black metal handle, with some red jewel ornates; the sword lied about three feet away from him, so he just took one step and took it, then he looked up at the scene.

And HE was mad.

The demon took to steps behind when he saw the ball of blood scatter becoming dust, and then another one when HE stepped up and took his sword. The demon opened its mouth as his lips shivered from fear, he got down on one knee and with his head looking up to the man before him almost managed to mutter something out. Almost.

"Pathetic" HE said. HIS accent was somewhat Spaniard and really took me off guard. The demon stood up and took three steps backwards, by then police started to come upstairs and people ran from the Cinema. George and Moses were trapped in the crowd that was on the stairs, as they looked at everything happening with fear. "This human, I mean".

"S-s-sir..." Said the demon walking backwards scared to death. George and Moses where now behind the perimeter the police had established on the movie theater as they told everyone to go downstairs. I could see in both my friends look that they couldn't believe their eyes, I don't think I could either, they went downstairs and got lost, but the police started to hit their shields trying to direct the demon's and HIS attention to them. "Master..." He corrected.

"Pazuzu" HE answered with quite the smile. "Long time no see... Tell me, how did you survive death?" HE was talking about from not that long ago, but sadly, I wouldn't know what it was until say later that year. HE took some steps forward before a policeman shouted at them.

"LAY DOWN YOUR WEAPONS!" Screamed the officer. I looked at them, the men in front, with the shields were terrifies, legs shaking and shields shivering more than their lips. It was sort of fun seeing those strong as fuck men shaking from fear, like scared little babies. "NOW!"

HE laughed and pointed at all the cops in there with his sword and gave them the most terrifying smile I had ever seen. HIS eyes were the ones of a psychopath, his teeth somewhat sharpener than the normal kind, even the slightest shadow on light in HIS face made everything look so scary. I swallowed saliva noticing that HE did too, but none of us did anything about that, instead HE kept laughing, and the demon next to him, Pazuzu, started to do the same too. All men kept on shaking, even the commander behind them had shaky hands and a lot of sweat on his face, which I'm assuming is cold, form the fear.

"You little humans" HE said. "You actually think you have a chance..."

"Master, don't be so harsh on them. It was a human who saved me after all..." HE looked at the demon with confusion not understanding a thing of what he had just said. Did a demon actually say that? Did PAZUZU actually SAY THAT? Like, for real?! That was written all over HIS face, and for some reason, I knew this was what HE thought right that second. So HE turned HIS back on all police and pointed with his sword at Pazuzu. HIS face was now different though, now it just was serious, all light had disappeared and what was left were the eyes of a murderer.

"You're a demon" HE started to say, "you're not to be saved by a mere human... they're ugly" HE explained as the magic circle started to be drawn beneath HIM, with a dark orange light, starting by the star and following the symbols on each end, then the circles and it's divisions with words on them, finally the symbol within the star. "I was captured by my father, tortured by their savior, used by their greatest magician, locked by the first hunter and drawn as the bad guy by them... all because I saw the truth" HE was mad. "You know my history, you know it all too well... Yet, you tell me a human saved you?!" HIS tone became louder and madder, I was so scared that, if I was on my body, I probably would've peed myself. "That's bulshit".

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