Devil's Soul

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5. Batibat

It was around eight o'clock that the zoo closed, but I got there by six; at the entrance there's an enormous mural of giraffes and elephants amongst some lions and birds here and there, all pointing to the hole in the door where people gathered up to enter. Usually the zoo is pretty much always filled with people, but by this hour, fewer people enter, so I guess it was normal when I got to the entrance and stared directly into the door, those big black metal bars and the ticket-selling-machine next to it, and saw no more than three people buying some tickets.

"Wow" I said letting out a smile. So I went to the line and bought my own ticket. Before I entered I looked one last time at the metal door, with its bars making the figure of a lion and on each side of it there's a jaguar, or at least I think that's what it is, since you can only see the faces, without a mane, but way too large and small for a female lion. "What are you?" I asked myself.

If you're wondering how did I get here, well, I told my parents we were going to have rehearsals that day, and that we agreed to meet on the zoo since it's next to the school and not closed. They agreed under the condition that I would stay not make a lot of exercise, since the doctor thinks I just fainted due a lack of glucose (which was because of the demon), and given that they're both doctors themselves, they really don't want me to do anything at all. Having said that, when they dropped me on the zoo was when I also noticed, we hadn't talked since friday, when they took me to swimming class, they were worried, I knew that, but they didn't ask and I think that's because they knew I wouldn't tell the truth.

I walked into the zoo and once in, surrounded by the ground filled with tiny rocks that sound like sand when you step on them, all with their red color and black color, I went to the place I knew I would get to wait with a nice view.

The zoo has a lot of animals, there's turtles, elephants, snakes, giraffes, horses, lions, jaguars, panthers, birds of all kinds, in one zone there's even a polar bear, which is pretty amazing given that those live on the poles and really cold places, and we don't really have a cold weather, it doesn't even snow here... But even with all these animals, and with all the plants they have, the best place is the lake; it surrounds a big part of it, it goes from the picnic area, to the aquarium, the serpentary and the jungle side; there's even a section for you to rent a boat and go all around it. And, in that jungle zone, there's a bridge that connects jungle with picnic area, the bridge is all rotten and pretty much closed to the public, but I like to go there, and lean on the wooden barandal, staring at the nice and calm water. That's the place I went to the moment I entered the zoo.

Once there, with the little sound coming from the picnic area, and the few animals making a sound on the jungle side, I looked straight into the water. Inside the lake there are at least five species of fish, not counting the aquarium, but there are always ducks in it, swimming around like the own the place, and there was one right below the bridge, on the end of the reflection the sun made on the water (which looked orange thanks to the sunset). The duck looked up and when it realized he was being looked at it made a sound and looked back down as he swam as far away as he could.

I didn't look away, because the duck left my reflection in the water. Just that it wasn't quite mine, the water had a guy with my hair, my face, my body, but he had black eyes and wore a white vest that I could just not believe; on his mouth there was blood and he had a smile that could only belong to a psychopath. I swallowed saliva with fear.

It wasn't me I remembered. It couldn't have been, because I saw it all from above, like a witness who was flying all over the scene. It wasn't me... c'mon Khan... Why you even doubt that? I thought. The reflection started to fade away, but even though it wasn't reflecting anything at all, my mind was still set on the day before, where something took over my body and used it to kill people and hunt a demon.

"It couldn't have been" I whispered to myself.

"Khan?" Asked someone behind me putting their hand on my shoulder. The female voice sounded a little worried and calm at the same time, but still, when it touched my shoulder and I felt it's coldness on it, I screamed and looked behind me.

"Taylor..." I said. My cousin stood before me with a pair of jeans and a black sweater and her brownish boots, almost the same thing I did (dark jeans, black boots, white sweater); there was a lot of worry on her face and her hand on the air just made me think that she was longing from something, until she put it down and ran towards me to hug me. "Thought we'd lost you!" She said tightening the hug. "Owen told me what happened and I couldn't believe I wasn't even there with you... Are you okay?"

"Yeah" I said giving back the hug, a much needed physical contact. "I'm fine... physically at least..." We broke apart from the hug, she went to stand on my left as she leaned on the barandal. I didn't turn around to face the same place she saw, but I did lean on the barandal which cracked. Then I looked up, the sky was grey, as if it wanted to rain. "I'm still not sure of what happened" I said.

"I would think so... what Owen told me... I knew you'd be here when he said he asked you to come to the zoo" She said. I looked at her, the worry had been replaced by guilt. I smiled and turned around, the bridge cracked again as I put my hands on the barandal and put my feet on the lower one, so I was hanging from it. "I should've gone with you... if I..."

Alex Scrivenor

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Story about: demons, hunting, blood shed

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