Devil's Soul

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9. Vine

A tourist bus was going through the street, right in front of the Cathedral, when all of a sudden a horse neighed. I felt cold as soon as a white fog came to be, and form it appeared a black horse with a knight on top of him. The knight had a rotten armor, and his flesh had been reduced to bones over a little muscle, like an anorexic guy, with no eyeballs. The rotten sword that killed all coordinators was on his belt, secured by its scabbard; the shield with a lion's face was on his back, resting for the rare case of him actually needing it. And the demon appeared, that poor unlucky bus crashed.

But when it crashed, the bus didn't move the horse, nor did it break like all car crashes, instead, it became a rusted bus with dead passengers that flew over the street, until air made it become dust. People screamed right away as everyone on the table stood up, George was now seeing the events on the plaza in his head all over again, I know cause I was seeing everything at the zoo like it was happening before my eyes, again. Until Vine screamed and I came back to me.

"Demon Hunter!!!" he screamed. "Show yourself!"

People began to scream as loud as they could. I stood up and stared at the demon, I was scared to dead, but again, that fire of confidence inside of me popped up, like a spark in the dark making its way through everything until it reached the eye to illuminate all surroundings. Emerald grabbed Sophie by the wrist, both of them shared a long stare, communicating in a way I didn't understand at all, the stare then went to Rosy and then to Kevin, all of them understood something and nodded as Kevin grabbed George's hand and pulled him as they all started running, amongst with everyone downtown, trying to get away from what just happened.

I took advantage of all the desperation going on. Screams of pain and horror filled the scene, you could hear the steps on the floor from heels hitting as hard as it possibly could on the floor. Women ran trying to get their crying child to run with them, whereas men either ran in a silent horror, or cried in fear while they ran; other screamed or just saw everything happen, standing still, screaming or crying, maybe both. I knew what I had to do, and I used it to my advantage, after looking around and making sure that my friends were nowhere near me.

"Coupe mon Ame" I said, the ring lit up as streaks of light covered my body and I extended my left arm. When the black cardigan appeared and I was barefoot, I openend my mouth to open the gates, just Vine noticed me within the crowd, staring directly at him. "Hiraku, akuma no tobira, TAROT!" And the door of light appeared leaving me with the staff in two seconds as they became air.

Vine smiled at me, he knew what was going to happen, most likely at least, I was either going to be defeated or killed by the demon, making HIM wake up and murder as much people as could be around. Though, if I was murdered, I supposed none of us would wake up again.

"Anzu!" I screamed hitting the ground with the tip of the star, where the card of light appeared. Didn't take long before my back hurt and a pair of bat-like wings grew on it. The mass of people that were running suddenly stopped and all looked back at were a purple light had gone on. All they would remember later one was a barefoot kid, with a pair of wings and a black sweater as long as a cape, fighting an armored corpse.

I flew over until I was on top of Vine, who looked up at me and smiled. I put my hand inside my pockets and took out the other two cards I had. Pazuzu and Batibat. I saw a lot of plants surrounding The Arcs, plus the tiny park-like thing next to the Cathedral, which meant Batibat could've been a great choice. So I went down to the park and stood in the middle of the woods, there were a lot of people standing around me, watching silently waiting for me to do something about the demon in front of the Cathedral.

"Batibat!" I screamed throwing the card and stabbing it with the star. The card flew through the air as the star came through it, a tiny white light appeared, and the star hit the ground. I felt a huge amount of pain running through my veins as soon as that happened, my arms were stuck holding the staff, but tense as if I was holding something pretty heavy, popping out my veins seeming almost like they were about to explode. Five seconds later the pain was gone, I fell to the ground on my knees, leaning on the staff and staring at Batibat's card. It was on the floor, and I'm sure the staff went through it, yet, the card lied right between the tip of the staff and the moon. "What?" I asked.

Fool... I heard inside my head, like some sort of my voice went through a glass distorter. I stood up right away, with Batibat's card on my hand as I began to look around, for someone or something to say that. Then I remembered hearing Anzu's voice inside my mind, making me wonder a bunch of things.

"Did you...?" I began to question looking at Batibat, but I was interrupted by the steps of a horse who walked into the corridor of trees. I stared at the black horse and its knight, both standing proudly in front of everyone. Everyone? I thought looking around once more. They're making a circle... what do they think their doing?! Phones?! You're gonna post this on Instagram or something?!

"Demon Hunter, are you running away from your fate?" Asked Vine riding his horse as slowly as he could towards the one person who could hunt him and seal him away, into a cell with the form of a card. "I must say, I expected more of you".

"Why won't you work... you could tie him up!" I screamed at the card, then put it back on my pocket and took out Pazuzu's. I recalled him saying things like he respected humanity, though he hated it. Like the kind of respect you give to an enemy, I suppose. "I mean..." I noticed people still didn't move, they all just took their phones out and began recording as much as they could, or maybe they were just taking pictures... "Everyone get outta here!!" I screamed. "NOW!"

Alex Scrivenor

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