Dog Bites

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Chapter one : Perfect for a sunny day.

It was a sunny warm Friday evening, Rita, a 22 years old girl who's living with her little brother and mother in a kind of abandoned neighborhood where there are 3 or 4 families who live there  ;she went out with her family for a walk, she had dark brown eyes, a small straight nose a long light brown hair that she make it a ponytail most of the time , and a fringe all the time. As for her height she's not too short and has a healthy body, her mom,Hala was 47 years old and seems a bit older, she was slim and pale, as for her little brother, he was 10 years old , a child with down syndrome whom she was taking care of along with her mother, they were walking near the end of the neighborhood where there was a big villa with trees around it.

Hala: wow! they've repaired it already? it looks like a new one !

Rita: yeah mom, looks like they're living here for a month, as I expected you didn't go out all those days, not even for a walk !

Hala: I've been a bit busy in mornings, and I find it better to sleep or lay then to walk in here.

Rita: I told you to stop selling bread, my salary is enough for our needs .

Hala: you're working in a laundry when you've just graduated from a law college, and you 're not spending anything on yourself from that so-called salary, it would be unfair if I just lay all day and put everything on you...

Rita:(looking at rami) mom, it's not the right time to be talking about this, Rami? are you tired baby?

Rami: yes em tired!

Rita: okay let's sit here for some minutes then go to buy ice cream!

Rami: yeeey I want it with chocolate🤩

Rita: then you'll get it with chocolate 😁

they sit on a public chair next to the villa so that she let them rest while they are sitting a sportive red car passed by, the door of the villa got opened, but before it goes in a man in the 40s wearing a black suit and a woman that looks between 25 and 30  got out and went toward them while the car went in .

the man: would you please go away from this place? you can't stay here!

Rita: sorry? we're sitting on a public chair, my mom needs to re...

the woman: no one asked you for excuses just leave this place!!

Rita: you better learn how to talk in the presence of someone older than you.

the woman: you little (and she went back to the villa).

the man: em sorry, we're just asking this for some security issues.

Rita: well next time you ask something try not to bring that meanie with you.

the man: I     apologize ...

Rita: mom, sweety let's go to buy the ice cream now!

they got up , but before they walk away they heard some dogs' loud barking getting close.

the man: crap!! the dogs are unchained and the door is open, please hurry up and go! I can't control them!!

Rita: what?? they can't run!! "if we go now they'll catch us if they go and I stay they'll get distracted by me... what's the worst that could happen? if I get wounded I'll get compensation and buy some stuff for them .." mom! take Rami and buy ice cream I'll be back later!

Hala: no way!

Rita: MOM!! I just have something to clear up with that woman, the owner will take care of the dogs just hurry up and go I'll just distract them! hurry up and don't let him look back!!

she held Rami's hand and walked away, the dogs went out and the man went next to the wall then got in the villa, they were three big dogs in front of her spreading their fangs and barking loudly, she went some steps back...

Rita: calm down guys i'm not a bad guy.. just passing by.. "seriously em talking to them? they don't seem friendly at all.. em screwed! "

they walked toward her one in each side while she's trying to step back and hold her panic then the one in front of her attacker and the other two followed it, she kicked it.

 _em sorry I really don't want to hurt animals ah f...! 

the other dog jumped on her and put her down, she tried to block him with her hand but he bite it really hard , the other two joined and she was trying to push them away , but they bite her leg and shoulder as well till she was bleeding "ah seriously em gonna die by three dogs in the end?" she was still resisting but she was getting tired and weak till she can't resist anymore.

a man's voice: shark stop!!! 

Suddenly the dogs stopped attacking and turned to the man who went out running toward them.

the guy: go in right now!!

they stopped barking and went in the villa, the man was right in front of Rita who was laying on the ground, bleeding , still not believing that she's still alive, the man looked in his 25s or more ;having a shiny hair that reaches to his neck and some hair bangs , a muscular athletic body and he was tall, hiding the sun in front of her, she struggled to sit down.

Rita: oh man that was crazy 🤦

the man: you are crazy! (his voice was a manly cold voice) why didn't you run away? 

Rita: why didn't you take care of your animals so that they don't get out and attack anyone instead? 

a little cute voice: br.. brother?? (a small girl appeared next to him holding his leg). Oh no! you have blood! shark is a bad guy 😮

Rita :(trying to pull herself together so that she doesn't shock the kid) oh no! he's not a bad guy and this is not blood ..ah (puts her hand on the wound on her shoulder) its watercolors, I was painting a huge wall with watercolors and some of it just came on me , shark was playing with me along with his two friends , it was so fun 😐 (she held the tree next to her trying to stand up; her leg was hurt and bleeding as well and she can't see well anymore, yet she stood up and started walking .

the kid :are you learning how to walk, i can help you walk..(went toward her and held her hand.) 

Rita: aww xD that's so nice of you! you just made me know how to walk 😮 now you should get in it's getting a bit cold.

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