Dog Bites

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He went in carrying her while Lilly is following him, went to a room and put her in bed. the man with the suit was following him as well.

the man with the suit: shouldn't we take her to the hospital?

the cold guy: we can't get involved to anything public, besides shark and the rest are healthy, she won't get any disease but we (looked at Lilly) sweety you should go to your room now.

Lilly: okay but I'll see her when she wakes up?

the guy: sure! 

she went to her room while he continued: we should clean the wounds and stitch them.

the man: yeah sir, she was bitten pretty bad, should I call the doctor?

the cold guy: no, I don't want anyone to come here,  bring me the first aid kit.

the man with the suit: you'll do it yourself?? 

the cold guy: do I have any choice? can you do it?? 

the man: n..noo I can't stand the blood.

the woman who was with him and talked rudely with Rita came in.

the woman: sir you asked for m...

the man with the suit: why did you unchain the dogs when the door was still open?

the woman: i...

the cold guy: you are fired.

the woman : (shocked) what?? em sorry sir it's just that the girl didn't want to... 

the cold guy: I hate repeating myself, Clary, pay her and show her the way.

Clary (the man with the suit): yes Sir, Ms. Jazmin come with me, please.

she followed him silently, while the cold guy anesthetized her, started disinfecting the wounds and stitching them.

his face was expressionless but he was thinking. he finished stitching then went to his room brought his pc and sit down to watch what happened from the cameras' programs.

after finishing he went back to the room where she was, Clary came as well.

the cold man: so she stayed to make sure that the dogs don't hurt her mom and brother, she has some guts.

Clary: what did you decide to do sir?

the boss: we'll give her money more than what she'd get if she sue us and it'll be over.

Clary: she doesn't seem to be the kind of woman who...

Boss : (stares at him coldly and Clary stopped what he was about to say)

Clary: yes sir, what about the housekeeper? this one is gone.

boss: find a trustworthy one. did you get the information? 

Clary: yes sir, she's living with her mother and brother in this neighborhood, graduated this year from a law college and working in a laundry to help her mom, doesn't have any social interacts, just training some kind of self-defense.

Boss: the father?

Clary: he won't cause us any trouble, the information isn't certain but it seems that he left or dead.

Boss: it doesn't seem like she needs someone to make trouble on her behalf, anyway...

Lilly went into the room directly to Rita: she's still sleeping? what are those bandages for? 

the boss: the watercolors didn't fade away so we hide them because people will think it is blood 😑

Clary: (trying not to laugh)

Lilly: I am hungry

Clary: crap! ah .. i .. I'll get the dinner soon

Lilly: yeeey she's waking up! she's waking up!

Rita : (looking around) where am I?

Lilly: you're in the room next to mine 😁

Rita: oh hey there! "why on earth did my day have to end in such a situation? "

Lilly: don't paint a lot like that you'll get sick !! 

Rita: aww why are you so cute!! Roger, that I'll do as you said! 

Lilly: I don't know your name yet!

Rita: I'm Rita princess Lilly! 

Lilly: I am Lilly princess Rita! this is Clary and this is my brother kano and you met my dogs, shark, and jerry. 

Rita: hell yeah I was never pleased to meet anyone else as much as meeting them!

Clary: crap she said his name! 

Kano: okay what about you go to your room now so that I get you dinner?

Lilly: okay brother, see you, Rita 🙋

Rita: see you, sweety.

she went to her room while Rita put the blanket away and sit.

Clary: I think you should take it easy...

Rita: I am fine i ...

her phone rings, she picked up :

_mom ! .. em fine don't worry! no everything is okay, did you buy ice cream? great, you're home? no, eat well both of you I'll be heading back, bye. (looked to kano) "this guy has a dark cold aura spreading all over the place... well, they helped me and stitched those bites there is no way em suing him it's alright I didn't die 🤦 ah man such an adventure xD being bitten by two rottweilers and a husky and em still alive haha em proud!" 

Clary: a, are you okay..smiling from nothing?

Rita: ahem fine sorry! (stood up) thanks for helping me now i...

Clary: you shouldn't move a lot with those wounds.. you'll be in pain later.

Kano: there is no need for a lawsuit you'll get twice the compensation you may get..

Rita: excuse me?! didi even talk about a lawsuit? 

Kano: you're smarter than I thought, you want more don't you?

Rita: what the ??? "calm down .. calm down..! " what about you go to hell with your money? 

Clary: "crap" 

Rita: besides, you look so careful about people and public stuff, I really would love to see you now, your address is here it'd be easy to get the invitation from the court...

Clary: what!! there is no...

Kano: are you by anyway threatening me? 

Rita: ah God I wish I didn't get any help or met Lilly! (taking a deep breath) okay let's end this since em not an asshole like yourself i'm gonna get out of this place, I won't sue you and let's not meet again forever! 

Kano: "It seems like I was wrong.." wait...

Rita: what do you want?

Kano: I have an offer for you...

Clary: an offer? 

Rita: what offer?

Kano: It seems like Lilly likes you, for some reason that I'll never understand, and it's pretty rare for her to get along with anyone, you can take care of her and I'll triple the salary you take from the pressing.

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Edited: 24.07.2019

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