Dog Bites

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Chapter 7: Things are changing.

She was in bed with Lilly, the little girl was holding her tight instead of her teddy bear, as if she might run away if she doesn't hold her, her sleeping face was so cute and kind of happy, Rita was looking at her while holding her as well " the poor kid.. at such an age.. she's younger than Rami.. kano and his life.. his mother in coma since years as well.. seeing them in such a villa people may even envy them .. while they're going through hell".
She heard some sounds, put the blanket on Lilly and went out of the room silently.
"am I the only one awake here? may be em imagining things after hearing the story.. with those dogs outside no one can get in. it's already 4 am .." 
She was walking, wearing an oversized hoodie that looks like a dress on her until she stood in front of the room next to Kano's. It was a bit opened, she saw his mom on the bed with all the machines around her, while he was sitting on a chair next to her, . his shoulder and talking to her.
Kano : (with a cold tone that hides his pain) em sorry for not passing by yesterday.. don't worry everything is alright. em fine not injured or sick or anything (he smiled a bit) I was just a bit busy. 
Hearing that and seeing his expressions Rita was shocked..surprised.. and mostly, touched.."
Kano: you should hurry and wake up already, sleeping that much isn't good for health that's what you used to say. 
perhaps .. maybe it is.. I'll be going now mother.." 
He went out of the room.. found Rita standing with a shocked face that she didn't even realise he is in front of her.
Kano: you're here since when?.
Rita: ah.. what.. sorry.
Kano: yeah I got the answer.
and he kept on walking while she was still standing there.
Kano :(turned back) go back to sleep.
Rita: (woke up from her shock and walked toward him) you should be the one who goes back to bed. you're barely walking. 
Kano: I will (he was walking slowly to the kitchen trying not to move his shoulder)
Rita: where are you going? you're walking like a zombie..hey! (she held his arm when he was about to lean on the wall, and nearly fall) seriously!! let's go to your room you're burning. what did you need?
Kano: water.
she went with him to his room, helped him to lay and brought him water and gave him the pills 
Rita: the wound should be disinfected..I'll do so since you may make another hole if you do it in such a state.
he didn't reply either rejected her help, he was tired, in pain, clearly not the physical pain that bothers him.
Rita : (while disinfecting it and looking at the hole with shock again) are you ok? hey Kano!
kano : (looked at her)
Rita: ah sorry forgot to use the other name
Kano: you should quit.
Rita: what? I told you that I won't.
Kano: things will get harder from now on
Rita: it's ok for me, I want to stay with Lilly.
Kano: it's not about you helping, it's about protecting you .. I already have to protect them.
Rita: so you mean, it's about me being a burden? even in such a state, you're an asshole.
Kano: I am not trying to be mean. it's the truth. looking at my situation, I can't even die in peace knowing what em leaving behind.
Rita: em taken to be not allowing people to live in peace not to die in peace -_-. but don't worry you won't have to protect me. as for the fact that I've been involved WHETHER I WANTED OR NOT, I talked with Clary and he'll help me to know how to protect myself. it's ok for me as long as my family isn't involved. and please don't feel that you have an extra burden that you have to protect. what I do is my choice.
kano: don't worry they won't be even known.
Rita: great ( puts her hand on his forehead and he opened his eyes and looked at her with shocked expression)
Rita : (without getting the reason for his expression) you are still burning! you should've gone to a hospital seriously, a hole and a fever and getting out of bed after some hours with this're insane
Kano: do you always nag like that? 
Rita: not really 🤦 but since you forgot that you're human em just reminding you. I'll go get a wet cloth or something before you evaporate.
she went searching in his closet room while he looked at her direction without saying anything. she came back and found him sleeping. changed the towel on his forehead many times till his fever decreased a bit. it was her second time in the room, but this time she was less stressed, looking at it his room was too tidy, everything in the right place, the watch together, the clothes are well organised, as well as the books and everything.
Rita :(looking at him ) even though you are an asshole, you don't deserve such a life.. if we were only able to choose our families.. but at least we have things we can choose in this life.. and I always choose the worst -_-
She went out of the room while he opened his eyes stared at the wall and said "and I always end up surrounded by crazy people huh? " and he laughed. 
Lilly woke up in the morning, she didn't find Rita next to her so she went out of the room searching for her.
Meanwhile, Clary was awake since the early morning, he went to see Kano and he was surprised to see Rita asleep on the couch in a funny pose, Kano has just woke up and seen Clary staring at Rita, as if she's an alien , he also looked at her, was about to laugh but was too tired even for that.
Clary: Were you really about to laugh sir?? 😳 , she is in your room did you notice that? You were about to kill each other two days ago.
Kano: seems like things actually can change in two days.
Clary : 😳 (he kept on staring at him then rushed to see his temperature but before he touches him Kano gently pushed his hand away) even your hand is burning! as I thought you should've been sent to a hospital! 
Kano: I'll take the medicines I'll be fine, she stayed there the whole night and didn't care about me insulting her.
Clary: yeah that's a pretty rocked head.
Kano: can't agree more, put something on her, and don't wake her up.
Lilly went in the room running and shouting.
Lilly: bro! Rita left, Rita isn't,.. (and she saw Rita who woke up after hearing her) Aah Rita!!
As for Rita, she was looking at them for some moments still half asleep not remembering or recognising anything.
Clary: A.. are you ok Ms Rita? (looked at Kano) Sir, is she still sleeping even after opening her eyes?
Rita: where am I? ah!! are you ok?? did your fever (stood up and went to check his fever while both him and Clary are surprised again) you're still burning!! Call Kareem again? even the towel is dry now, you actually wanna (She stopped suddenly when she noticed Lilly) Ah!! hey! 
Clary : (looking at Kano) why didn't you push her hands as you always do with anyone? -_- 
Kano : (trying to stay awake) what? "that's right, why did I let her.." C.. can you all just get out already? 
Lilly: Brother is sleepy? your eyes are sleepy!
Clary: let's go get some food and stuff for brother ok? 
Lilly: yes!! I'll change quickly. (She went back to her room)
Rita: Clary? We should take him to a hospital he doesn't seem to get better.
Clary: I also want to take him to the hospital but that can't happen, he went through worse than this, his body can bear it, he'll get better just please take care of him till I get back, and please don't mind his rudeness.
Rita: You don't have to tell me that.
He went out while she took the sling gently to disinfect the wound, he was breathing heavily, sweating again, and she was looking at his face while trying to get the shirt off.
Rita: Damn it that won't work, I'm sorry I gotta cut this one as well, how did you put it on for God's sake! 
She cut and started disinfecting it, she was looking at his face the hole time, trying not to hurt him a lot.
Kano: I told you to get out! Ah. I'm fine, I'll do it myself..
Rita: I'm not your mom.
Kano: what?
Rita: I'm not your mom so that you think about not worrying me, besides I'll be more worried if I wasn't here now. So save it.
Kano: You don't have to do this.
Rita: I want to! I understand that you feel uncomfortable and you're not used to letting anyone be with you or see you in such a state. But no matter how tough you are, there are times when you will need help or support, and you are just so lucky to have someone like me in your life..a friend, a friend like me.
Kano: -_- done?
Rita: the pill (she gave it to him and helped him to drink it, then put the blanket on him) better not wear a shirt now so that I don't have to cut it Mr huge Russian assassin ..oh ..(he was already sleeping, she looked at him for a while, put fever patch on his forehead, she was about to go to the kitchen her mom called.
Rita: Mom hi.
Hala: How are you? Is everything going well? Did you lock the door well? 
Rita: Yes don't worry.
Hala: you know that's not possible. Rita..about.
Rita: What is it? 
Hala: About your birthday, you don't have to spend it away this time.
Rita: ah (smiled sadly and sit on the couch in front of Kano) I almost forgot it. But you didn't. You'll never do.
Hala: I didn't mean that!!! 
Rita: Don't worry about it all, I already have work on that day, I won't be able to be home anyway. (A tear fell without noticing it)
Hala: but it's a holiday.
Rita: As I said there is a lot of work, I'll call you back later, see you. 
She looked at Kano again.
Rita: Somehow, because of all of this. I somehow was about to forget it, you're really something huh? This didn't happen before. (She started walking to the kitchen) 
"Almost forgot about it".

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