Dog Bites

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Chapter 8: Rita's birthday .

Clary and Lilly came back after a while, she went to search for Rita as usual and found her in the kitchen, she ran hugged her.
Clary: you cooked?

Rita: yeah, soup is good for everyone I guess, and some grilled meat.
Lilly: I love them both!

Rita: then you'll wash your hands and come to eat a lot!

Lilly: yess.
She went to wash her hands, while Clary gave her the medicines he brought from the Pharmacy.

Clary: I don't think this will work either.

Rita: don't worry he just needs to rest and eat well, since you eat fast food since a while that's no good. I'll make him eat this soup. (She was about to go)

Clary: Rita.. (She stopped, it was the first time he calls her with only her name) Even though I'm still surprised that you're still here after knowing how dangerous the situation is, I am really grateful. My master isn't used to accept any kind of help, in situations like these all I could've done is worry and watch. But somehow you made him feel comfortable and accept yours, thank...

Rita: You don't have to thank me for something I wanted to do, I know things went so fast, but I got to know him more, and I understood what you said, I judged him and I kind of understand why he's like that and it's actually fun. Ok..

Rita: Now excuse me, I gotta take Lilly to his room and he'll be forced to eat with her then -_-.

Clary: guess you really know how to deal with him now  😄

                            * * *

A week passed, she was going every day to check on him, and he got a better, as well as their relation, they got to talk sometimes without even insulting each other, and they got to communicate through the phone as well, she also went to the company as he told her to check some files.

Days passed till the weekend of the next week, it was a Friday night, she was sitting on her bed thinking when Rami came in.
Rami: Rita! See the shirt you got me?

Rita: oh! It looks gorgeous on you!! Let me see let me see! 
He got closer and she tickled him till he fell on the floor laughing.
Her mom went in and she stopped.
Hala: Rita.

Rita: you went to the doctor today?

Hala: yes, thanks to you I was able to get all my medicines.

Rita: That's great, what about you go with Rami and buy some stuff for the house after your brothers leave of course?

Hala: (in a sad tone) tomorrow, why don't you stay with us.

Rita: (smiling) mom told you tomorrow I have work, plus I don't think it's a good idea to meet them you know.

Hala: they will say nothing! You are my daughter, you've done nothing wrong to be blamed for!

Rita: but fate says something else. (She stood up and put her jacked on) mom, you know that I have no problem right? I am not complaining about anything, see? I got a good job and we're doing fine there is no problem and there is no need to change anything! (Looked at her, her tears were falling and she was looking at the floor) come on mom !! Don't cry!! (Whispered) Rami will cry too.

Hala: okay! (She stopped crying) where are you going?

Rita: I need to buy something.

Hala: okay got it, take care.

She went out, walking, she was thinking the whole way " where am I supposed to go, I have money left from my first salary, maybe I should spend two days in a hotel. No that would be too much, I'd rather buy something for Rami or save them for later.
It's not a problem, I always get to find a place, I can spend them walking like the previous year, that was tiresome though, walking and staying at a parc at night. And it wasn't that safe. The first I thought about is Kano, but noway, what would I say? Can I spend two days at your house because it's my cursed birthday? No, he didn't recover totally I wonder if he's not doing something stupid.
The company would be closed, but maybe I can ask him to work tomorrow, even for free, no that's stupid, it can't open just for me to work.. ahhh, I need something to distract me, I don't want to spend it like a drama queen 🤦‍♀️ "

Kano: Daydreaming? Nah that's nightdreaming.

Rita: oh wow great, I'm hearing his voice now 😑...

Kano: so you were actually thinking about me? Man, that's scary.

Rita: what? (She looked in front of her, she was near the villa and kano was walking the dogs.) You? What are you doing at an hour like this? You even got rid of the sling 😑 .

Kano: I am supposed to be asking that question.

Rita: Right, Kano the great with 3 wild dogs, my question was stupid.

Kano:(he started walking and she walked with him) what is wrong with you lately?

Rita: (surprised) wh. What do you mean?

Kano: I mean, tomorrow is supposed to be your birthday.

Rita: (more surprised) yeah right you have my official papers, I forgot.. But you actually care about this stuff!

Kano: Don't get it wrong 😑 I don't care about this stuff, I just care about y. About Lilly, she'll be affected to see you like that.

Rita: yeah right I almost forgot about it 😑  well nothing is wrong, I just hate birthdays. I was about to ask you actually, I need to work tomorrow.

Kano: there is no work on weekends, not at the company neither as a baby sitter.

Rita: But I worked all the weekends as a babysitter and a nurse since I met you -_-

Kano:(annoyed) that was a special case.

Rita: (in a sad tone) this one is so as well.

Kano: what's wrong?

While they're talking a huge motorcycle passed from the other street.

Rita: wow did you see that? *-* that was one hell of a motorcycle!

Kano: I didn't know you like that.

Rita: I don't think there is a girl who doesn't want to have a ride on one like that.

Kano: your mood surely changes quickly.

Rita: haha xD

Kano: now here we are, get in. (they were in front of her house )

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