Earthbound: A Hero Chosen (book 1)

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PSY 14: The Path Ahead

 PSY 14 – The Path Ahead

I glanced around at the five officers who each wore a knowing smirk. One cracked his knuckles, while another was popping his shoulders and neck.

“I don’t want any trouble,” I said, holding the bat before me, ready to wield it once again.

Chief Strong chuckled, “See if you can get past five of my best men…”

With that the Chief strolled past me with a snicker, and blocked the exit to the room. I saw the two tall windows—I could escape like that maybe—but before I could move the officers spread out around me and the first came charging in with a loud scream, “Eeeeyah!”

He swung a punch and I ducked out of the way, keeping my eye on as many of them as I could. They all just wore those same smiles. What kind of sick bastards were they? Were they influenced by Giygas as well!?

“Hey, small fry!” that first cop called out.

I turned to him and he pulled back a fist, “You must be shaking in your boots!”

The cop swung and his fist turned into a karate chop. I brought up my bat, but he went right over it and his hand cracked into my shoulder. The sharp pain was instant and so fierce it brought me to one knee. He struck out again, but this time I saw through his speed and brought my bat up higher. His hand hit the strong bat and his face contorted in pain. He snatched back his hand as I sweeped my bat under his legs, knocking him right on his behind. I kicked forward, planting my tennis shoe in his face, and with a loud thud, he hit the floor.

I breathed a sigh of relief—until he popped right back up and climbed to his feet. I was ready to strike again but he started to walk away toward the room’s exit.

“You’re tough,” he said, “You should join the police force!”

Chief Strong let him past and he left. But no sooner did the cop behind me speak as he came forward.

“Your average policeman is stronger than any super hero!” he said, swinging a fist at me.

I spun around as his fist whizzed past my face. I swung my bat at his side, and cracked him good. He grabbed the attack point in pain and growled. He swung out his hand in a backhand whack, but I was able to twist enough so it barely grazed me, still his rough skin scratched my face.

I snapped up the bat and hit him under his chin. He staggered back into the arms of another officer.

“Oh…” he whispered, “you won…”

The cop who caught him pushed the defeated one past me. He staggered and rushed to out of the room, holding his likely broken jaw.

The next cop came up to me cracking his knuckles.

“Don’t let the Mayor’s compliments give you a big head…” he snarled.

“Don’t worry, jerk face,” I sneered, “You guys aren’t that tough!”

“Bring it on, fat boy!” he shouted and charged me.

I brought up my bat in a bunt, and he ran right into it chest first. I thought I heard something inside him crack, but before it could resonate the cop slugged with across the face. My head jerked to the side, and I could taste warm blood inside me. I took a step back, dizzy and reeling. He swung again and hit me in the gut. I wheezed, nearly falling over.

“Life,” I whispered, and instantly I felt a rush of healing energy flowing into my veins.

I looked up with a grin, and caught the advancing officer off guard. I charged and thrust my bat right into his stomach. It was his turn to gasp and wheeze, falling back into the wall.

Another cop tried to help him up, but he waved his hand at him. The cop backed off and let the defeated guy stand up on his own. He smiled at me and walked over.

“Let’s do this again sometime…” he whispered as he walked past me, “Next time, I’ll take you out with my nuclear suplex attack!”

With that he was gone and out the door. The fourth cop approached, looking more than a little nervous.

“C’mon!” he said, his voice shaky, “I’m going to take you apart right here, right now, baby!”

I wasted no time in swinging my bat and cracking it into his knee. His leg buckled but he still managed to get off a punch, with hit my shoulder. The pain was barely existent. I brought back my own fist and punched him in the face. He fell to the side as I raised my bat above my head. He scrambled with a whimper.

“Grr…” he growled, “I lost…”

He rushed out of the room as I growled through my teeth at him. The final copy and I made eye contact and he held up his palms in defense.

“That’s it buddy,” he said, “You can forget about me, I’m going to call for my boss!”

I smiled as he turned and ran out of the room like a coward. Somehow I had managed to make it through the fight with the four cops, four adults, bigger and stronger than myself. I felt pretty darn proud of myself. I spun as I heard boot steps coming my way. Chief Strong stopped several paces away. He twirled the corner of his moustache and grinned.

“There is no way I can beat you in a straight competition,” he said, “So… get ready for my ‘Super Ultra Mambo-Tango-Foxtrot martial arts’!”

“What?” I asked, confused.

Chief Strong began a set of fancy footworks, dancing around with his fists held before him. It looked like some wannabe form of a fighting style, but it was one I had never seen before. He shuffled to the right, then skipped to the left. With a hop he came at me, overhand chopping with both fists.

Jake A. Strife

Edited: 15.10.2019

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