Elements Avalanche (english)

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Nia and Dante were speechless and their eyes widened when they saw their friend enter the room. And he had the same reaction when he looked at them again after so many years.

- Aslan - murmured Nía.

- Nía - The boy's blue eyes rested on what had been his best friend in the past.

For a moment they all disappeared from the room and it was just the two of them, seeing how much they had changed in those years, he was taller and she had become more beautiful.However, his companions were still there, and that exchange of glances did not go unnoticed for Dante who felt as if an alert was going on in the back of his mind.

"Well let's continue with the report about the attack" The commander interrupted.

"Yes, sir," Aslan replied before following him into the troy meeting room.

The other boys looked at each other because they had expected another reaction from who had been a close member of their group......

When the meeting ended everyone left Troy somewhat uncomfortable because of Aslan's presence there. Because although they had known of children, 12 is not the same as 16; Even so, everyone tried to start a conversation with the newcomer. Everyone except Dante.

After a while of walking to their homes, everyone took a different route leaving only Dante, Aslan and Nía, who expected the first one to leave to be able to talk with Aslan but seeing that he had no such intention, she gave up and said goodbye to both.The silence at sunset between the two boys made the autumn afternoon feel colder than usual.

"Can I ask why you have been ignoring me?" Finally, the brown haired boy spoke, Dante.

"I'm sorry, I thought you would not mind" replied Aslan "I got carried away, seeing Nía. You know I liked her"

"Of course I know" Dante answered seriously.

"Four years ago we were children but now everything is different"

"Do not tell me you were thinking about her these four years you were in England" he asked in a mocking tone.

"Yes, but not only in her, I thought of everyone, I wanted to return as soon as possible" Aslan's blue eyes became darker for a moment "but hey, I'm here, tell me what you did after I left"

"I think I waited for a message or a call the first few months explaining why you left, like Nía, but I ended up accepting that you would not come back, but she always had hope and I always asked her if she thought that when you'd come back things would be the same ... "

"And aren't they?" Aslan's nonchalant answering way was making Dante nervous, as if he did not care.

"You said it: everything has changed" Behind Dante's calm tone you could see an axis of anger."I see it the same, everyone is still friends"

"Yes, but there is something else"

"What is it?"


"Hey!" interrupted Yukio who they didn't noticed had returned "Aslan, I forgot to ask you, where are you going to stay? You can stay at my place"

"I will go to my old house" the nostalgia was evident.......

The next day, inside Troy's operating room. All the XT1 were together with the Colonel and the General.

"For each fight we will divide them into groups of two people based on their abilities." the Colonel spoke. The screen at the center of the table showed the pairs: Yukio - Sherry, Kar - Kenji, Aslan - Dante, Nía and Lena.

Aslan and Dante exchanged glances without anyone noticing.

"Why only two?" Kenji raised his hand.

"Aslan defeated two Dard alone" the commander replied "In addition, a group will be placed in each cardinal point of the city.

"When will we start?" This time Aslan raised his hand.

"We will do a drill today at 0700 hours, after that they have permission to go to school"

At that time each team went to their position and reported the situation through the transmitter. When they finished, everyone arrived at the school in troy vans, obviously attracting the looks of the crowd of students. Ashamed, everyone went to the classroom.

"So sad that we have been divided into groups" complained Sherry throwing her bag on the desk

"I don't like it either" said Nía

"I think it's the best strategy" refuted Dante.

"But not quite" spoke Aslan, next to him.

"What are you doing here ?! You're not even a student!" his best friend, Dante, almost kicked him out.

"I'm a listener." The newcomer shrugged.

"Aslan is right, it would be better if we all fight in a group, for now, we do not have enough experience" Yukio, the most mature of the group called out.

"I wonder when the next attack will be?" Kar let out a worried sigh.

"I do not know, it can be days, months or even years, but you have to be prepared anyway" Aslan replied.

"We should not be wasting our time playing school" grumbled Dante.

"I think we are lucky to be able to continue with our normal lives and not be absorbed by the army completely" Dante looked askance as everyone seemed to admire Aslan's opinions even after not having been around for so long.


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