Elements Avalanche (english)

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- Damn! - Kar shouted as he backed away as fast as his legs allowed.

-1XT1 and 8XT1 head west immediately. The others remain in position - The commander ordered from TROY where the nervousness for the first battle of the kids felt in the air.


- KENJI, MOVE! - Kar used his mind to throw his partner as far as he could because he had been left stunned seeing the creature that was approaching them.


The Japanese got up complaining of the pain just in time for one of the Dard's "hands" to not crush him. The impact was thunderous and raised a cloud of sand, the boys couldn't see each other.


'He wants to kill us at all costs!' Kar thought.


- Kar! Wait for the third eye! - His cousin raised his voice across the sand.


- OK! - but something attracted his attention - wait!


The Dard joined hands and from them began to leave a large number of needles not shorter than half a meter.


Nia and Lena who were already approaching watched the scene and Minor didn't hesitate to act. She pointed the sea with her index finger and it shot towards the alien with so much pressure that it left scratches on his back and knocked him down.

- Run! Now! - Lena shouted.


The two young men did not hesitate a second to obey and flee to them.


- We did it? - Nia asked.


- Not yet - Kenji replied as he watched as the Dard got up preparing a new load of needles.


The four teenagers had no chance to escape because the spears were shot everywhere in a matter of seconds fitting into trees, houses, boats. And one last one went through Kar's leg.

A dying scream was heard throughout the deserted bay.


- Kar! - They all rushed to his aid.


- Aslan! We need your help here! - Kenji informed by the transmitter.


- We are on the way - Dante and Aslan enter the elevator again.


Lena was about to touch the needle to get it out of Kar's leg but Nia stopped her.


- Don't touch it! We do not know what reaction it could have.


- We can't leave it like this! Analgesics don't work on a pierced leg! - refuted Lena between the shouts of Kar.


Meanwhile, the dard was advancing again and Kenji threw any object that he could with his mind but the discussion between the girls and the cries of his friend did not help at all to his concentration. 

He did not have nerves of steel like Aslan or was as calm as Yukio and for a moment he wanted to be as stubborn and strong as Dante. That's why he got along well with Kenji since he had a memory, he made him feel that he was neither inferior nor superior, that they were equal; What would it be like if your only best friend died because of you?

"Go to hell!" He concentrated all his strength on the mast of a flag that was on the beach and managed to dig it up and throw it as fast as he could in order to pierce the alien's head.


Everything was quiet and silent for a second before the dard began to split in two. The spear that had been stuck in Kar's leg also disappeared leaving a river of blood to flow out of control.


Lena ran for a piece of rope that was lying on the sand and improvised a tourniquet.


"The enemy was eliminated" informed one of the operators in TROY just a few seconds before another announced the appearance of one more Dard.


"Classification B approaching from the east, approximate size 35 meters"


All of them heard the alert on their transmitters.


"Sherry, Yukio, the enemy is going to you" warned Lena.


"Nia, take Kar to a safe place" Dante stood up ready to go to the others.




Meanwhile on the east coast Sherry and Yukio were already on alert. She was shaking but he was very focused on not succumbing to fear to notice.


"You see something?" asked the boy adjusting his glasses and thinking it would be a good idea to start using contacts.


"No, nothing"


A cold blizzard ran around just before the Dard materialized about three meters away. The two tried to retreat but the creature opened its third eye before anything.


"I can't move!" Sherry screamed in terror.


"What the hell is this?"


They both stopped trying to free themselves after a few minutes.


"I'm relieved" her voice sounded tired and her eyes were narrowed, as if she were about to sleep.



"Me too"

"I want to rest"


But they did not realize that the Dard was surrounding them with their tentacles more and more.

 Aslan and Dante were already in the elevators, impatient for not being able to do anything while hearing everything that was happening.

"Don't give up, Sherry!" The black haired guy spoke through the transmitter.


"It's already late, Aslan"


The dard almost covered her face completely.


"Don't say stupid things!" the boy replied.

But before being completely absorbed, all the XT1s heard a voice echoing in their minds. As clear as if they were hearing it on the transmitter.


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