Elements Avalanche (english)

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Ever since he was little the sound of the waves against the rock had always been the best way for Aslan to meditate and it was one of the few things that remained unchanged since then. He was sitting on the edge of one of the many cliffs that only locals knew existed on the island his legs hanging loose in the air as his mind wandered to four years ago when he first arrived in London to an unknown place by his father's side. The facility was a brick building on the outside but once he stepped in, he realized it was modern and high tech just like Troy.

"Son, do you like it?" the man asked with a greedy smile on his face. The boy looked around once again "We'll be coming here every day from now on.

"Rockwell!" both, father and son, turned around to meet a blonde man with the same type of smile, he was also accompanied by a boy just a little shorter than Aslan "How was the trip? Any inconveniences?" at the time Aslan didn't know what he meant by that, until years later when he understood that he committed treason.

"No, everything went smoothly" he placed his hand on the boy's shoulder "this is my son, Aslan"

"Hello, welcome to AMETA" he reached out "I'm Benjamin Cannaway, this is my son Allister" he slightly pushed the blonde boy to the front.

"Hi! Do you have powers too?" he chirped.


"He is an xt1, right?" benjamin questioned.

"Of course, I just think he'd be able to make better use of his abilities here"

"You made the right choice"

Allister was not paying attention to the adults he continued analyzing the newcomer "come here, I'll show you" he grabbed Aslan's shirt and dragged him to a hall with a fountain on the wall. He placed his little hand close to the water and it started freezing and transforming into an abstract sculpture of ice.

Aslan's dark blue eyes grew twice as wide as he admired the sculpture.

"What can you do?" 

"I don't know yet"

"Don't worry! I'll teach you"

A branch crushing under the weight of someone's feet was enough to take Aslan out of his memories.

"Hey" Lena sat next to him.

"What's up?" he realized he didn't notice her approaching him.

"Nothing, just taking a walk. I didn't expect to find you here, all spaced out. Is everything alright?" she asked.

"yeah, just thinking about what happened the other day, the sleep therapy and all that. I though Troy would be a different place but..." he halted, realizing his tongue was about to slip.

"What happened during these four years, Aslan?" She caught him off-guard.

"Eh? What do you mean?"

"I mean, everyone is been talking about how different you are now but no one has actually asked you directly, right?" her grayish eyes stared at him "You don't have to answer if you don't want to"

Aslan shrugged "I guess I've just grown up" he said as nonchalantly as he could because the memories from those years were still fresh on his mind.

His indifferent reaction got on Lena's nerves.

"You think? Maybe will find out sooner o later" she got on her feet "I gotta go practice It's been so long since I skated. See ya"

She put her hoodie on and started to walk.

"Lena!" Aslan called her and she turned back "I'm sorry"

"Sorry for what? Nothing bad happened right?"

Aslan's seemed burdened by the question.

"I thought so" she concluded with a bitter smile before leaving him there alone.


At the same time, two young man were getting off of a plane at the city airport; both only carrying the necessary luggage. They attracted everyone's attentions as they made their way into the lobby not only because of their height and beautiful blonde hair but there was something in their aura that made them different.

"I hope he comes back the good way"  the shorter guy with spiky hair huffed.

"You are not having second thought on your mission, are you, Allister?" the one with the medium length hair replied.

"Of course not"

"Good. But I hope he obediently comes back as well"


Meanwhile, Dante and Kenji were visiting Kar who could alredy stand up using crouches. They were playing games on their phones.

'I think i'm recovering faster than normal" Kar informed as he made a demonstration around the room walking on crouches.

"Must be because of the NE" Kenji answered from the carpeted floor before grabbing a bunch of chips from the bag.

"Hey, don't you think Aslan is acting strange?" Dante voiced from the couch.

Both of his friends rolled their eyes back.

"Here we go again" Kar huffed "It's all in your mind, Dante"

"Aslan this, Aslan that! It's always about Aslan!" Kenji exploded "We are your friends too, Dante! Not only Aslan" 

Kar and Dante were open mouthed by their firend's outburst.

"Sorry" Dante apologized putting his phone down.


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