Emberhearth: A Reader Influenced Litrpg Adventure

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Chapter 4 - Charred Remains

“This is so unfair!” Alex slammed his claw into the dirt. “I didn’t mean to kill anyone! I don’t even want to be here.” Thoughts of home rushed through Alex’s mind as a team of mounted soldiers grew ever more apparent on the horizon. He missed his parents, he missed Netflix, and most of all – he missed Roderick. Roderick always knew what to do. He was strong and cool and not a wimpy loser. Roderick would never back away from a fight, and he certainly wouldn’t mope and cry about his bad luck.

“That’s what I’ll do then,” Alex rose to his feet and took a deep breath. “I’ll be like Roderick.” He clutched at his side and removed his chronicle. No longer was it a pathetic and weak white leveled book, with his transformation it too had metamorphosized into brilliant purple text.

The question that he needed to answer now was whether his stats and skills had also transformed. If they hadn't, then he would be in trouble.


Name: Alex Greylock

Race: Greylock (Warlock Mode)

Age: 24.4 Cycles

Class: Aura Mage


Vital Statistics –

Stamina: 500

Energy: 1000

Constitution: 1200

Strength: 500

Dexterity: 250


One look at his stat sheet confirmed that he had indeed gotten stronger – much stronger. Still, with nothing to compare himself against, there was no way of knowing how strong he was. His warlock form’s skills could end up making the difference between survival or death. If they were weak, then all the stats in the world wouldn’t make a difference.

He calmly flipped over to his skill page. The white sheet was still there, featuring only the “transform” skill, but there was now another page further along. After skipping a few pages that were stuck together, he came to it. A purple-colored frill lined the edges of the paper, and in the middle, three skills awaited his appraisal. Each power, unlike his “transform” skill, featured a short explanation that explained what they did.


Aura Burst

Type: Energy

Usage: 50 energy per use.

Description: Fires a burst of concentrated aura at the enemy, inflicting severe burn damage. Capable of counteracting fire and water energy, rendering them useless. Damage variable. Weak to dark energy.


Aura Shield

Type: Energy

Usage: 50 energy per minute

Description: Cloaks the caster in a shroud of aura, inflicting severe burn damage to those who get too close. Also offers total defense against regular aerial attacks, in addition to all but the strongest of fire and water energy attacks. Weak to dark energy.


Life Aura

Type: Energy, Constitution

Usage: 500 energy per use, constitution halved.

Description: At a substantial cost to the caster, a stream of pure aura can be released to heal or resurrect a recently fallen comrade. Does not work on dark natured creatures.



“Let’s do this.” With his chronicle glowing at his side, Alex stood in the middle of the road and awaited battle. There was no point of hiding from his monstrous warlock form. If he was going to survive in this world, then he was going to have to learn to embrace it, and that meant facing challenges head-on.

By the time the duo of soldiers was practically on top of him, a lingering purple haze had formed in the air. Aided by a light breeze, the forest had become completely engulfed in flame. The whole thing must have looked like something out of a horror movie to the two military men.

“A monster!” One of them shouted fearfully as his horse came to a sudden screeching stop. “Emperor’s mantle, what is that thing.”

“It doesn't matter, just keep going!" The other soldier shouted as he galloped onwards, right past Alex.

"Please beast. Kill me! Put me out of my misery." The remaining soldier sagged down out of his saddle and collapsed onto the hard dirt. "I can't take this anymore."

A stream of blood gushed out of the soldier's side, pooling on the road. He was minutes from death if even that. Something horrible must have happened at the garrison up the way, but in the distance, there were no signs of battle. What could have caused this soldier to flee for his life? What could have injured him? With Alex's purple flame acting as a beacon, it likely wouldn't take long to find out. Alex had to act quickly. 

Though a part of him wanted to run away, he knew there was no way he could do that. He had already committed one horrible crime, there was no way he would allow someone to die in the middle of the road when he had the power to heal him.

"I hope I don't regret this," Alex muttered as he knelt down beside the dying soldier. With his grotesque paw, Alex carefully unlatched the soldier's helm. Underneath was the stunned face of a teenage boy, probably only a year or two older than Roderick. His blonde hair was caked with blood and sweat, and his cheek was lacerated with small pieces of shrapnel. Alex carefully set him down as he wheezed his final breaths of life. Then Alex stood up and directed his palm right at him. "Life Aura," Alex incanted.

A searing pain ran down Alex's spine like a shockwave as a wave of soft purple light shot out of his palm and caressed the lifeless body of the boy soldier. With a twinkle, the lacerations on his cheek healed, followed by the gash at his side. His pallid skin turned purple in color and then changed back to a healthy flush tan. 

He shot up and gasped for air as soon as the last rays of magical aura had subsided. Mission successful, but Alex still had one more right to wrong. 

This next move would cost all of his remaining energy to pull off, assuming his magic was strong enough to resurrect people from ashes. 

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