Emergence ( A Humane Novel) book 3

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I declined to have dinner with the others and went back to the cabin I shared with Granny. I wasn't in the state of mind to deal with so many people at the moment. Our cabin was dark wood, the main shape was a triangular, with a rectangular addition off the left side. I walked in the door, dropped my bag on the floor, and breathed in the scents of my home. It was nothing like the huge modern looking house I lived in with my grandparents back in Valle Del Lagarto and I loved that fact. It didn't smell like a lie. It was smaller, cozy, smelled of pine. I loved the high main celling with exposed wood beams, the fireplace made of stones which matched the stones of the bar that divided the kitchen and the living room. The bar I had eaten many meals along with Granny and Talon.

I heard a meow before I saw my kitten T.J. emerge from underneath the couch. But after three months, kitten was no longer an appropriate term for the black and grey cat that rubbed itself up against my left leg. I scooped up the cat and pulled him to my chest. He began to purr with delight while I stroked his fur and I wondered if he remembered me. T.J. had been a Christmas present from Talon. Despite the fact Ayla hated him, he'd gone out of his way to contact her and ask for ideas on presents which might help cheer me up during a dark time in my life. Ayla suggested the kitten but didn't tell Talon why. I had told him the relevance the night he gave me the cat. It was from a story of my childhood when my father made me drown a black and grey kitten I'd grown attached too. Roman made me choice between drowning the cat or him drowning the maid at the motel we were staying at. I guess Ayla figured it would help me heal in some way and she'd been right. Talon also asked for Ayla's help in getting a hold of a picture of both my mother and Levin, to which he framed and given to me also. Needless to say that night, we had our steamiest make out session to date.

Once I made it up to my loft room, I went to the photos first thing and looked at both of them. My little sister didn't look like me except for our green eyes, as she looked like our father with his dark brown hair, his slightly stuck out ears, but had her mother's round face shape and soft lips. However, I looked nearly identical to my mother Adalee. I'd gotten Roman's emerald eyes, just like most of the Shayle's, but I was afraid of what else I'd gotten from him too. His anger, his violent side. My mother been so sweet, gentle, compassionate, and loving. She would probably be so ashamed and disappointed about what I'd become.

I pulled out the album I stole from Grandma Marta's house and looked through the pages. Pages of a life I couldn't remember, of the father I didn't know. A young man who appeared to dote on his wife and baby daughter. We're we ever really that happy? Was he? Or was it all a lie? What had happened to that boy? I know what had happened to that smiling girl. She had fallen in love with a boy and when he turned dark and angry, she was determined to save him. And in the end his darkness had just taken her down with him. And when she died, he was totally consumed to the point beyond redemption. And now I could feel that same darkness inside me. It already begun to spread. Would it infect the ones I loved? Would they all be consumed by my darkness in the end?





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