Emergence ( A Humane Novel) book 3

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Talon and I kept our semi-engagement to ourselves and we planned on doing so until we got home to Maine. He promised to get me a ring when we got back to Maine too. And he even had one in mind, a family heirloom Granny currently had in her possession. He claimed she would be willing to part with it for my sake, as she loved me like a member of the family already. Now we would just make it official and I could even get the last name.

During breakfast, I guess some of the others knew something was up because we heard several comments from Ben, Malachi, and Luke about Talon and I's oversappyness. Even Jordon made a comment about how cute we were together. That was an awkward reunion between Talon and Jordan, but I figured seeing as Talon just proposed to me, I had no worries about the bombshell stealing him.

Soon after breakfast, Talon disappeared into what amounted into a suspiciously long time, in consideration of other than last night, he hadn't let me out of his sight for longer than five minutes. I followed my intuition, with Jordon and Eden in tow, we sought him out and indeed discovered he was up to something stupid. And his accomplishes were Ben and Malachi. We found the three of them in the garage, Talon with his casted arm laid over a workbench, his brother helping to hold it still, while Ben was poised over the cast with an electric saw! I yelled so loud it made them jump, as I stormed over and unplugged the saw. I chewed them out for their stupidity, shut down their operation, with the logic sense Talon could get his cast removed by Dr. Morgan when we got home, rather than risking amputation, and how could he honestly trust Ben with a power tool? Jordon made a comment about how she had thought Talon was maturing and had grown up so much, but now she stood corrected. Even Eden got in on the insults about all three of the boys stupidity, and though it was three against three, the boys found themselves outmatched and wisely retreated in the end.

I was surprised to find myself feeling sad to go. I desperately wanted to get home to Maine to see family I hadn't seen since February, but I was starting to develop feelings for many of the Elson's. Mostly good feelings, but that one boy still did get under my skin, and he gave me dirty looks when he thought no one was watching. Him I wouldn't miss. But I even hugged Jordon and Eden, and Eden got a bit teary eyed. I promised to text them both.

We rolled out after breakfast. Ben managed to maneuver himself into our vehicle this time so I knew we were in for a long ride and I nearly cried when Luke set the GPS and our ETA was 26 hrs. But the tradeoff was Malachi rode with the others and we got sweet Josh too. Luke was behind the wheel once again, as he preferred, and Gideon was shot gun.

I rode next to Talon and Josh, and Ben positioned himself directly behind Talon to aggravate him. Isaac and Elias were also in the backseat, but neither of them did much to tame Ben, as Isaac was playing candy crush and Elias was too busy exchanging texts with his girlfriend Natalie. Or so Ben informed us all when he gave Talon a brief reprieve by snatching E.J.'s phone and read a few of his texts out loud. At least until E.J. broke his usual rule of not engaging and using violence by punching Ben on the bicep hard and took back possession of his phone.

At least Josh did try and get his twin under control by finally, and only half- joking, threatening to call their mother. Ben was a bit less rambunctious for a while after that, and started entertaining himself with youtube videos. According to Josh, Ben and Hailey were currently broken up again, as of last night anyway, and Ben proclaimed he was not going to call her first. Malachi, Josh, Paul, and Isaac had a bet going on how long this breakup between Josh and Hailey would last.

Talon and I passed the time by listening to music on Josh's phone which he graciously allowed us to borrow, and getting caught up on news from home. We had left Maine on February 19th and expected to be home by my sixteenth Birthday February 28th. But our first night in Valle Del Lagarto ended in my grandfather and uncle storming our hotel room and thus beginning Talon and I's three month ordeal of physical and emotional abuse. Now it the last Tuesday of May.

Talon and I were desperate for news from home and soaked it all up like a sponge. Talon told me his Dad made him call his oldest brother Micah last night and have a heart to heart. Micah was a homicide detective who still lived in West Virginia. Talon got the chewing out from his big brother and they talked for nearly an hour. He also spoke with Granny. But Talon had refused to call Raquel. That was something he was trying to come to terms with. His stepmother was a shifter, but that didn't bother him, what bothered him was she had deceived them all for eleven years about it. I wondered the state of her and Gideon's relationship and the way it affected her other stepchildren as well.

When we stopped for gas and lunch, Gideon made me make two calls of my own. First to Granny. But since Raquel had told her what happened to us in Mexico, she didn't ask a lot of questions about it, but just about how I was feeling and doing, etc. Just hearing her voice made me realize how much I missed her and our life together. And now more than ever I was eager to get home, back in my own bed.

The second call didn't go so well. And while I successfully managed not to cry while talking to Granny, I didn't have such luck when Gideon made me call Ayla. Ayla was the mother of my half-sister Levin, who I had found out about when my father kidnapped and imprisoned me for seven weeks last September. It hadn't ended well with my father, as I was subjected to abuse in all forms. When I had stood up to him to protect my little sister, my father nearly killed me, and I nearly took his soul. In retaliation, he made an agreement with another shifter named Garret to basically try and impregnate me against my fifteen-year-old will. It had ended even worse for Garret when Ayla had come to my rescue and killed Garret with several gunshots.


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