Emergence ( A Humane Novel) book 3

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I thought over Harper's words that night, and my own fears and insecurities. I needed answers. But I doubted there was anyone who knew them. But maybe Vincent would know something I didn't. What powers was the One foretold supposed to have? Had any other shifters had the power to heal? Did the power to heal concede with the power to take souls? Taking life and giving life, different sides of the same coin. Of course, that was something shifters with those powers would not advertise, because it made them a target and put them in danger. Shifters feared soulcatchers for good reason.

The next morning it was clear it wasn't the right time to tell Talon, as he got into the most explosive fight with his father to date. It included Talon putting his fist through a wooden door. Gideon confronted Talon about well his anger, his attitude, his recent neglect of his school work, his refusal to see the therapist, and his constant fights with many of his relatives. This came the night after Talon blackened Malachi's eye after a harmless comment Mal made about Talon's moodiness like he was suffering from PMS.

We all heard that fight. I think the neighboring islands probably heard it too, and possibly the mainland. It even scared Samuel and Emmagrace so badly, they ran out their back door and sought comfort from their grandmother. She soothed the teary- eyed kids with cookies and hugs. I stood on the porch anxiously and listened, as did most of the camp, some of which tried to mind their own business and others who blatantly didn't. Elias made towards the cabin, but Malachi stopped him and told him to let their father and brother work it out.

Harper joined me on the porch and was actually quiet for a change, despite all the questions she still had to ask me about last night. When it sounded like a door being slammed, she jumped so violently her dark braids flew from her head and thumped against her back. After that she went inside the house and had some cookies. Granny came out of the cabin with a determination in her step that no one questioned as she marched over towards the cabin her son and grandson were involved in a shouting match in. Granny and Talon had a special bond as she helped raise him after his mother Juliana died giving birth to him, and if anyone could calm him, it was her. Since we came home, he'd shown disrespect to nearly everyone in camp except for her.

Within minutes of Granny's arrival, the voices quieted. And quiet descended over the camp once more. The small, old woman was like a magician who could cast spells that worked on anyone. I didn't know what she said to either of them, but her words worked her magic. She emerged from the cabin a few minutes later, unfazed, and started making our breakfast along with her three young helpers.

I remained on the porch and debated if I should go over and have a word with Talon myself. His anger was spiraling out of control and scaring me. Even though he hadn't directed it at me, it still brought bad memories of the childhood traumas I endured at the hands of my father, and even Atticus. Memories of pain and fear. He needed help. The kind that Roman never got or sought. He was on a dark path.

But Talon made my decision for me when he slipped out his front door several minutes later. Even though his head was hung low, watching his sneakered feet, he still sensed the audience which remained outside. He lifted his head and directed his icy stare at those in the vicinity which included his brothers, Claire, Mark, Daniel, and Paul.

"The show is over!" he snapped.

His eyes caught mine, but he turned away and kept walking. I got to my feet and followed him while he walked the familiar path to the cabin we'd converted into a clubhouse of sorts. The same cabin Talon and I snuck off to be alone.

He didn't protest as I followed him inside. I took a seat on the old bed frame and watched him pace the wooden floor for several minutes. I didn't speak because I knew he would eventually.

"They are all driving me crazy! Suffocating me! Like I'm going to break or something. I can't take it anymore! You know Malachi actually let me punch the crap out of him and he wouldn't hit me back!"

He kicked at the wooden crate and sent it spiraling across the floor where it thumped against the wall and cracked. How angry would he be when he found out I practiced my healing powers and without his knowledge?

"That's because everyone is worried about you Talon. And for good reason. You have got to get a hold on your anger. It's eating you alive. You have got to talk about your feelings." I offered.

"I'm sick of everybody telling me to talk about my freakin' feelings! Why can't everyone just leave me the hell alone?" he hissed.

His words stung me. "Because they love you! They want what's best for you. I love you. And it's killing me to see you hurting like this," I said softly.

He paced towards the far wall with his back towards me. He lifted his foot to kick at the crate again, but seemed to decide against it. Instead, he shoved his hands roughly into his jeans pockets.

"I'm fine," he said. Still with his back turned.

"No you're not... You ask me to marry you three weeks ago and you can't even be honest with me? Look me in the eye and tell me your fine. I'm not everyone else. Please just tell me how you feel for real," I pleaded.

I felt terrible because I knew I was not being completely honest with him either. But now was not about me at. He exhaled and slowly turned to face me. The look on his face nearly broke me. Anger and sadness touched his blue eyes.

"Why would you want to marry me when I failed you so badly? I was supposed to protect you Mera, I had the gun! And then your grandfather and his men stormed in and took us both like it was nothing! And all that terrible stuff he did to you and made you do was because of me! It was my fault. I should have protected you. I'm useless and weak. I couldn't protect you and I couldn't even protect myself."


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