Emergence ( A Humane Novel) book 3

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The next morning Talon, Gideon, and Raquel appeared at our front door. Granny noticed the ring on my finger the night before, but it couldn't have come as surprise to her considering Talon got it from her at some point. It did come as a surprise to Gideon and Raquel when we sat in my living room.

"Well Momma I was going to ask if you knew about this, but I can tell by the ring on Mera's finger you did. I'm assuming they came to you first," said Gideon.

"Yes they did. And you know what my answer was," she said. "I gave them my blessing just as I gave you and Julianna not that long ago when you weren't much older than Mera and Talon are now. And we know what came from that, four beautiful sons, and ten- years of marriage."

I almost smiled by Granny's cunning ways. It was the truth after all. Raquel did smile, but Gideon didn't look so swayed. Talon wisely stayed silent.

"And of course when you came to me again, I gave you my blessing to marry Raquel and you had two more beautiful children. Would you have gotten married either time without my blessing?"

Gideon paused, a bit thrown by the question. "I would like to say no, but I can't say it for certain."

Granny just gave a knowing smile. "So then, what have you decided about letting Talon marry Mera?"

I was holding my breath. I hated Gideon's next words held such power over my and Talon's future. But then again, we both were underage, and his refusal would only delay us, not stop us. The ring on my finger was proof of that.

"Well Raquel and I gave it a lot of thought and consideration," said Gideon. "And we have decided to give our consent for them to marry. But there are certain conditions."

At soon as Gideon had said consent, I jumped to feet and rushed towards Raquel with a squeal and a hug, making her laugh. While Talon remained in his seat and eyed his father critically.

"What conditions?" Talon asked.

I resisted the urge to punch him. He should have thanked them and sounded grateful. So I did it instead.

"Thank you both! Whatever it is I'm sure it's reasonable." I shot an annoyed look at Talon.

Then I gave Gideon a hug too. He smelled like aftershave and what I believed good father's did. Afterwards I reclaimed my seat. But I was still excited and fought the urge to give out more hugs.

"Both of you must stay in school and you must graduate," said Raquel. "And you both must be responsible. Just because you're married doesn't make you adults and ready to face that responsibility just yet."

It took me a few seconds to realize what she was getting at. Then my cheeks tinged a bit. Talon was quiet, seemingly unaffected. But he leaned forward on his forearms and listened intently.

"Yes. Of course," I answered for both of us.

"When things settle down a bit, I expect Talon to pull his own weight and earn a living out on the boat," continued Gideon. "And just because your married doesn't mean you have no rules. You are both still minors and there will be no drinking, no smoking, no doing drugs. You will not come and go as you please. And you will live in the camp. Do I make myself clear?"

This time Talon answered. "Yes sir."

Gideon locked eyes with me. "Yes. Of course. Thank you!" I answered.

I couldn't help it. I squealed and gave him another hug. I gave everyone in the room a hug. My heart felt so happy and light. I couldn't believe that something good was happening after so much darkness lately.

"Well I guess now we have a wedding to plan!" said Raquel excitedly.





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