Emergence ( A Humane Novel) book 3

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Our camp seemed packed and chaotic, but in a good way. About fifteen Morgan’s came over from Herring Island to join in the celebration also, including Audra’s parent’s Joe and Sarah, her aunt Shanna with her baby son, and her cousin’s Megan and Gavin, who’d often attended our under thirty parties at the camp. But the surprise guests who showed that morning were Zoe and Chloe, the older twin sisters of Ben and Josh.

I had never met the gorgeous twenty-two-year old identical twins before as they lived in California where they attended school, but they acted as though we’d grown up together. They both hugged me, and launched into a thirty minute conversation on why they’d never made it out to meet in the time I’d been living with Theron’s, and most recently it was because they’d taken Holiday jobs last Christmas. It was another thirty minute conversation as they proceeded to tell me about their lives in great details. Unlike Josh and Ben who had opposite personalities, Zoe and Chloe were social, chatty, and outgoing. But just like their brothers, gorgeous, with their inky, curly hair, perfect curves and everything else. The only way I came to tell them apart was because Chloe had shorter hair and a blue tank top, whereas Zoe’s shirt was red and her hair hung several inches past her shoulders.

A great deal of yesterday had been spent airing out old cabins, preparing for the guests arrival, and making sure the camp was in tip top shape for the firework celebration and the wedding . And the preparations continued today.

I didn’t get to see a whole of Talon that morning because I was stuck in the kitchen of the big house with many other women cooking our hearts out. And we didn’t just have today’s feasts to work on, but dishes that needed to be prepared ahead for the wedding tomorrow. That was another good thing about so many people around, all the extra hands to help share the load. Even Jordon, Audra, and Eden remained attached to my hip that day helping out in any way they could. Physically and also emotionally, the more the day wore on and my nerves about tomorrow started to get to me.

It still barely seemed real, but that didn’t stop my anxiety and fears from mounting. Would it rain tomorrow? Would the DJ and photographer show? Would the tent, the tables and chairs arrive on time in the morning? Would everything be finished on time? Would my dress rip or get dirty before the ceremony? Would my hair cooperate? Would someone get ill? And about a million other things my mind could conceive to be worried about.

It was clear that 99 percent of the guest were not worried or anxious but relaxed and having a good time. They shot the breeze, snacked, played a variety of games such as cornhole, football, badminton, volleyball, and some of the adults partook in adult beverages. Talon himself looked calm and as cool as a cucumber. Well not physically looking cool because when he sought me out for lunch, he was sweaty, flushed and sporting dirt, grass stains and a charming grin.

He ate lunch with me and he had no problems going back for seconds. As for me, unlike last year when I ate to the point of uncomfortableness, this year I just picked at my food. He noticed, gave me a squeeze on my knee and said, “Mera, babe you gotta relax and eat. Everything will be great tomorrow. Don’t worry.” I wished I had his calm and confidence. Of course, he got the easy end of all this wedding stuff because all he really had to do was comb his hair, put on his tux, and show up.

But I tried to take his advice anyway and enjoy the celebration of our nation’s independence with our family and friends. Over the next few hours, I engaged in various sports along with my husband- to- be, Elias, Natalie, Audra, Malachi, Isaac, Samantha, Hailey, Ben, Jordon, Eden, Paul, Colton, and Josh. My coordination had not improved any, and it came as no surprise the gorgeous and talented Jordon, had played several sports, and was graced with athletic abilities.

She garnered lots of looks and attention from the males who weren’t still in diapers, related to her, or old enough to be her father. Colton especially was so taken with the bombshell, he forgot to be an annoying pain in the ass in full on competitive mode. He was still making an effort to impress her and flirting shamelessly, but at least he left Talon alone for the most part. We certainly didn’t want a repeat of last Fourth of July when Talon and Colton pummeled each other with their fists. At least this year any fight would not be about me. The ring on my finger marked me as claimed, and the looks and kisses Tal and I shared that evening, only cemented that fact. He was the only boy I saw.

Jordon was not just beautiful, but also smart too. Because after a few hour hours of frolicking with the boys, us girls were itching for some private girl gossip. And how do you get rid of several love-struck clinging males? Well start talking about periods. And that was exactly what Jordon started with her comment about “These cramps are killing me. Anyone have any Midol or something?” Then Hailey dug around in her purse and stared talking about how bad her cramps got and she always carried it around. Natalie made a comment about how tampons should come in more sizes and it was over from there.

Josh was the first to disappear, right after the word cramps, and Elias and Paul went quickly after talking about getting some beer. Talon, Colton, and Isaac made a comment about getting some watermelon after Samantha said she felt like she was going to bleed out every month and need a blood transfusion. Ben and Eden both seemed fascinated by the conversation for different reasons. Eden hadn’t experienced her first period yet and nothing embarrassed or fazed Ben. He even asked Hailey if she was on her period now, “not that that’s a deal breaker or anything,” and that was making me want to leave because of TMI. Hailey told him bluntly to “If you go away for a while, maybe you’ll find out later”. That was good enough for Ben.


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