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Lovesick Girls

I listen to Melosia in shock as she explains her situation. I know she was sensitive, but she might actually might be rational in this situation.

“And this year Tanya and I met this guy named Cal. He’s really sweet and all that shit, and Tanya and I both immediately fell for him.

“But Tanya’s been hogging him—and she’s started putting me down a hell of a lot! Yeah, she’s richer and prettier and Cal probably likes her more than me, but that doesn’t automatically make her better than me!” She stops here and starts sniffling, rubbing her nose on her pink hoodie’s sleeve.

“And she hit me today and told me Cal could never like a girl like me.” Her voice comes out soft and whispery. Pity and rage puddle up in my stomach.

“Damn,” I murmur. 

Melosia nods in reply, laughing dryly. “I told you those King girls are nasty.”

I whirl toward her in another bought of shock. “What? Tanya is a King?!” Melosia nods, scrunching her brows at me.

“I thought you knew this?”

I huff in annoyance—mostly at Brandi. Because for once, Melosia isn’t overreacting. “Clearly not.” Gosh, I hate girls.

“Well, I don’t know what to do. What should I do?” she asks, her eyes pleading with mine.

I sigh and lean further into the cheap red couch, shaking my head. “I don’t know. Maybe you should talk to this Cal guy? If you like him, he must be alright.” Melosia giggles at that.

“Yeah,” she says, her voice a sweet whisper. I nudge her shoulder with my own.

“Then talk to him, you big buffon!” Melosia laughs at this and stands up from the couch. She begins to walk up the stairs, but stops after the first few steps, turning back to look at me.

“You seem nicer than usual, Yanamarie. I like it,” she says, her face contorting into a smile before she climbs up the stairs. I smile too.


I’m one of the first guests to arrive at Brandi’s place. She had texted me the entirety of the details for her party tonight at 6: it’s currently 6:05. As I enter the house, I catch Libitina and Alice out of the corner of my eye. They’re talking and laughing together, causing me to smile as I approach. All the lights in the house are purple, casting a lavender glow on the pristine white walls. This house is huge.

“Hey, guys,” I say once I near them. Libi grins as she looks upon me and Alice’s eyes sparkle.

“Yana!” Alice yells, trotting up to hug me. I grin as I wrap my arms around her in reply. Libi joins in, wrapping her arms around the two of us. I giggle, causing the rest to do the same.

We pull away at the same time and Libi immediately begins into endless chatter about Dakota. Alice looks at me and rolls her eyes as Libi rambles about how cute he is, and how she should ask him on a date, or should she wait for him to ask her out? I raise a brow at Alice in reply, chuckling lightly.

The three of us chat as others begin filing in. I don’t recognize any of them, but I do know they are all Brandi’s friends. Everyone bumps along to the music, chatting and laughing as they drink from plastic cups. However, I don’t think it’s lemonade they’re drinking.

Unless Dakota spiked it. Which could be likely.

After maybe thirty minutes, Libi trails off from us and joins some of the other people around us, drinking from a cup with everyone else. I immediately regret her decision to drink the liquid; but it isn’t exactly like I can control her.

So Alice and I continue talking.

She tells me about her first day of high school and Brandi’s first boyfriend, when she discovered Libitina’s disease, and multiple stories of her life. She prompts me to tell her about my life stories, but when I try to think of something, I can’t.

I guess I’m not that interesting.

“Isn’t it loud in here?” Alice yells to me, trying to make herself heard through the loud beats and chatter. I nod in reply. “Want to go out to the porch?” she asks, still trying to be heard. I nod yet again, and she takes my hand, leading me to the outside.

Once we exit the noise and close the door behind us we sit on the edge of the porch. “Ah, that’s better,” Alice breathes, sighing in content. I stare up at the pale moonlight with Alice.

Pale Luna smiles upon you,” I quote, smiling up at the moon, Alice glances at me in confusion.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asks. I shrug as I glance at her.

“Y’know, SNARLED Something Scary? It’s a horror podcast. I love horror.” Alice cocks her head at me, smiling in confusion.

“Interesting. You don’t strike me as a horror fan,” she says. I shrug in reply, still staring at the moon.


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