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I pilav you

It was almost two weeks after Bran's birthday and I was still thinking about what both of them have told me. All I managed to achieve, though, was one, big nothing. I was still as confused as I've been at the beginning and by the end of the second week I was quite sure it was going to remain this way.

I haven't seen Dominic during that time, not even around the campus. It was as if he's disappeared from my life, just like I’d wished. I've met Borah a couple of times, but we avoided his topic like a taboo. No one apart of Dominic and me knew what happened between us that night. Hell, even we didn't know what happened. But they suspected something. I could tell by the way they kept glancing at me whenever they thought I wasn't looking.

The brighter side of all of this was that I've finally started my job at Bran's. I've been there thrice already, and each time I left behind a full meal and a whole plate of delicious cake. I went to his place straight after classes on Tuesdays and Fridays, since those were the days I finished my classes early enough to afford going there. I was all too happy designing his meal plan for the whole week and I felt even deeper satisfaction bringing it to life later. And I think Bran was quite content with it, too, if the notes he left behind for me were any indication. That was his plan of letting me know how he liked his food. He came home really late, so I didn't get a chance to see him. I had my spare key which I used to get inside his house whenever I came. I haven't seen him since the day of his birthday, though, and that's why he came up with the notes.

They contained simple things, like: 'Your spaghetti was pastastic!', or 'Kneel before the lasagna', or even: 'I pilav you'.

But my absolutely favourite one said: 'If you were twenty years older and not my nephew's girlfriend, I would marry you and your enchilladas'.

I laughed so hard I started crying and my belly hurt like hell. It was the very day I decided that I was going to keep my job there till death if Bran was willing to let me.

Today was Friday, which meant I was going to Bran's again. I've been walking with my head in the clouds since the very morning, as always when I was about to go to work. I was probably one of the few people in this world who loved their jobs, and most certainly the only student who happened to find it without any bigger problems and actually liked it.

My parents were happy, too, since they've been quite worried about the case of me finding a job. It was our deal even before I came here - they help me with my flat rent and tuition for the first three months, and if I don't manage to find a job during that time, I am coming home. The same was with Sierra, whose deadline was the same as mine.

Speaking of her, once I broke the news to her, she called me a bitch for finding a job before she did. I could tell she was proud, though, since she kept waking me up with Smashmouth's Hey Now, You're A Rockstar on every Tuesday's and Friday's morning. She knew I loved this song and honestly, I couldn't possibly find a way to start a day in any better way.

Thinking of it now, my life during the last two weeks was... perfect. The classes were liveable, I had a job that I loved, and between this, I could still find a way to hang out with friends that I finally had. Seriously, I felt like in some sit-com, where everything was piecing together perfectly just to fall into pieces in the next moment. And since I knew life was never this beautiful, I kept waiting for my personal wrecking ball meant to destroy all my happiness in any second.

And even though I finally achieved the peace I've been waiting for so long, my life here still felt a little... missing. There was nothing... special about it. No one irritated me. No one made me want to yell until losing my voice. No one brought me to the very edge just to back off in the very moment I thought I was going to kill them. I mean, yeah, I had Sierra, who still could irritate the living shit out of me on a daily basis, but something was just... off. Lately, I've found myself asking her for her shoe size and she looked at me like I've gone crazy. For me, it was quite shocking that we've gone through life together for so long, not even knowing each other’s shoe sizes, but, well. She didn't share my opinion.

Jeez. I guess that Dominic has rubbed himself off on me, after all.

Aaaand again my mind wandered right where it shouldn't have. Shaking my head, I turned the volume on the radio up. I toned it down, though, once I heard what they were playing.

Sabbra freaking Cadabra.

Why couldn't the world just leave me alone?!

I sighed in frustration and thrust my fingers through my hair, for the hundredth time wondering what the hell was wrong with me. I wanted freedom. I wanted the stupid deal to finish since the moment it started existing. I literally hated Dominic Sambler since he first laughed at me after I'd dented that stupid bumper of his. So why, for God's sake, was I missing it now that I was finally free?

I pulled to a stop in front of Bran's house. The moment I opened the gate, I was once more attacked by Bummer, running freely in the garden. I petted him absentmindedly but furrowed my brows.


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