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Just hang on

Perfect timing.

This was the first thought that appeared in my head after Dominic stepped back, putting a distance between us. I instantly felt very small, without his comforting warmth surrounding me. I didn't sulk for long, though, because the shouts grew louder and I had to snap out of my haze. I looked up to find Dominic already alert, his face serious and lips pressed into a firm line.

Our little moment of vulnerability was gone.

"Come on." He said, taking my hand. "Don't let go."

I held onto his hand tightly as he led me through the crowd. I didn't want to get lost here, especially now, when there was a fight going on. Suddenly, I reminded myself of Matt, who's disappeared somewhere after Dominic had shown up. I craned my neck to look for him, but there was no use.

Dominic's hold on my hand was firm. My heart beat fast and a bad feeling rose up in my stomach. I don't think I've ever seen him so serious. Not since the night after Bran's birthday, when we had a fight. This was the only time when he'd lost control over himself enough to actually show his emotions to the outside world. I have never been in a place like this before and honestly never seen a fight with my own two eyes. I always supposed it was normal, that people tended to become jumpy once they had too much to drink. But if it was just a fight and nothing to worry about, Dominic wouldn't become so serious. Right?

The closer we got to the source of the commotion, the thicker the crowd got. Dominic didn't seem to care, though, as he elbowed his way through, all of the time tugging me along. I was about to ask him why he wanted to see what was going on so much when he pushed past a few more people row and stopped in front of the first row.

When I saw the scene playing out before me, my heart lodged in my throat.

Some bulky guy had Ezra pinned to one of the tables, shouting something at him. My eyes switched just in time to catch Max deliver a blow to another man, whose hands instantly tightened into fists by his sides. I felt Dominic's hand tighten around mine the moment one of the man's fists caught Max straight across the face.

"No!" I heard someone yell and my head snapped to the owner of the voice I knew all too well.

Borah rushed forward, throwing herself in the direction of her cousin and friend, but was stopped by a pair of hands catching her around the waist.

My eyes widened as Dominic's hand loosened on mine a little.

"Stay here." He said before taking a step forward.

And a second before I threw myself in the direction of Borah and Sierra. I heard Dominic calling my name, but I was beyond caring about his commands at this point.

I needed to get to them.

"What the hell happened?" I yelled, approaching the girls.

"Thank God, Abi!" Sierra gasped, trying desperately to hold writhing Borah in place. "We were so worried -"

"Let. Me. Go!" Borah screamed, trying to break free from Sierra's arms.

"Jesus, Abi, help me or she's going to hurt herself -"

She didn't manage to finish before Borah tugged on her grasp so forcefully that she managed to break free. Before we could react, she made a beeline straight for his cousin, jumping on the guy who was holding him down. She pounded his back forcefully, yelling for him to let Ezra go. The man loosened his hold on Ezra and turned, focusing on Borah. I saw her eyes widen a second before he lifted a hand.

And suddenly Dominic was there, blocking the guy's blow and pushing Borah away. He yelled something to her, but she didn't listen and tried to attack the man again.

"Dee, get out of here!" Max's attention switched to her.

It cost him another punch to the face. This time, blood rushed from his nose and he flinched.

"Damn, this one is nasty." I heard a voice beside me.

My head snapped up and my eyes widened at the sight of Matthew standing next to me.

"What are you waiting for?" I yelled at him. "Go help them!

He shook his head slowly, his eyes full of regret.

"Sorry, flirty. No can do. Better not to intervene when they are this way."

"But -"

"She's right, Abi." Sierra interrupted, stepping in front of me. "Trust me. You won't help by getting yourself hurt."

Sierra. The reckless, overly-confident and tough Sierra. Told me there was no use stepping into a fight and helping. I looked at her. If she thought that making a move was stupid, then it was most probably true. But-

I heard another grunt followed by a sound of a body hitting something. My eyes darted to the right and I heard Borah's yelp.

Oh, hell to the no.


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