Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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Shop 'til You Drop


The party met up again the next day and ended up leaving without Bella. Amelia was obviously not a morning person and was a bit grouchy this morning. Ryan went on about sticking to schedule and how he hated people that could not keep time.

"She will have to catch up then won't she? I detest people that cannot stick to time. It's a violation. If I could make it it on time then so can you. Let's get to it then. The limo is waiting downstairs. I know you probably didn't get any breakfast due to over excitement, so my wife recommended that I take you to breakfast before we go shopping." He rushed out

It was almost 10 am and there was still no sign or word from Bella. The first stop was the Five Watt Coffee in Kingfield. It was a hip modern venue with a garage door wall serving espresso drinks, pastries & other mouthwatering meals. They opted for the buffet menu and stuffed their faces until they couldn't move. It was free after all.

Next stop was Mall of America where they did the clothing shopping. Ryan had reigned in Melissa, a stylist to help them out. It seemed they didn't have much of a say in what they wanted to wear. Melissa simply chose the outfits and they were told to go to the dressing room for fitting. That's how most of the day passed.

The outfits were simple enough and consisted of mainly casual designer wear. They were required to buy some cocktail dresses for after parties and the like. They also had a choice of three designer ballgowns in case they were required to accompany Jordan to charity dinners or special events.

"Jordan will make a special guest appearance at a some high school prom night so one of you might be selected to go with him. We need you to be always ready. Plus it depends on his mood really so we will see how it plays out." Ryan said nonchalantly.

So they had shopped at the Levi Store, A'GACI;  Armani Exchange; Chanel Boutique and other designer shops they would never dream of even doing window shopping in. They got everything from clothing to underwear, accessories, shoes, sports gear (they would be working out every morning apparently), they even got new iPhones, all courtesy of Jordan Carter Entertainment.

"Why does Jordan go all out for his fans?" Amelia asked.

"He always says he wouldn't be who he is if it wasn't for his many adoring fans. So he started this program to kind of give something back to you, his fans and he chose Minnesota because he grew up here of course. Plus-he has more money than he knows what to do with. He's only 23 and already a multi-millionaire, so I'm sure he can spare a couple of thousand for his fans. His father is filthy rich as well and still based here but is always busy looking for undiscovered planets somewhere in space." Ryan said.

Jordan's father was an astronaut and it was a well known fact that they didn't have the best relationship. They hardly saw each other. Cancer had claimed his mother when he was seven years old so he grew up with his loving grandparents. He adored them.

"So how about a late lunch ladies?" Ryan asked. "But I'm afraid I will have to dash back to the office, There is a small crisis that needs my immediate attention."

"That sounds like heaven. All that walking has made me hungry." Lana groaned.

"And tired." Amelia moaned.

"I'll leave you at Chatime Cafe and the driver will pick you up in say-an hour or so? Let's say 4.30pm?" He looked at his watch.

"That's great but...not necessary-" Lana started.

"Unfortunately those are instructions from the Big Boss. You will be treated like royalty for the next several months so just sit back and enjoy it. I'll get the driver to drop off your shopping bags at your respective homes while you have lunch. He can come and pick you up again once you're done"

"Well in that case we accept." Amelia grinned.

They secured a table at Chatime and ordered immediately. Ryan sat down and ordered a double espresso and whipped out his iPad.

"So let's just go over tomorrow's program. I hope you can all make it this time around." He said pointedly.

"I'll need you to submit your passports tomorrow and other particulars in order to quickly process your visas and stuff. Actually give them to the driver when he drops you off-that will speed up the process. We need to leave beginning of next week"

"This is becoming sooo real." Lana said with excitement.

"You best believe it." Ryan remarked. "So tomorrow we have a radio interview so we will prep you before that. I've got to rush. See you all tomorrow. Don't be late." He reiterated.

"Hey are they closing already?" Amelia looked around patrons started to leave and they noticed the staff closing the doors.

"I'm not yet done so they will just have to chill." Lana concentrated on her food.

"We're going to be the only ones left here. It's awkward." Amelia muttered.

The manager was approaching their table with a very determined expression on his face. Belinda was sure he was coming to kick them out.

"Oh no! He's coming to kick us out. I just know it." She whispered.

"He can't do that we're still eating." Lana shot back.

"Hie ladies. Hope you're enjoying your meal. We have a special guest for you so please take your time and shout if you need anything else." He nodded slightly and walked away.

"Special guest??" Amelia asked.

"Could it be??" Lana's heart started racing.


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