Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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Exceeded Limits



"Oh my gosh!! I still can't believe Jordan-freakin'-Carter brought you home. Like in his car..his limited edition sparkling red Porsche! Like he drove you all the way to your doorstep-like-gosh!" Liv covered her face with her hands in disbelief.

"And to top it off he took a selfie of you two while you were driving and posted it on Instagram and Twitter!" Lisa added as she flopped onto Lana's bed.

Needless to say Lana's followers shot up instantly and almost everyone from college wanted to be-friend her on social media. She was inundated with friend requests and had stopped accepting on Facebook because she had exceeded her limit. Jordan had even tagged her on the post and she had smiled endlessly because it proved that he had remembered her name after all.

"I'm soooo jealous right now!" Liv sighed heavily.

"I sooo wish I was you right now." Lisa stared into space.

"You two are soooo dramatic." Lana laughed as she sat against her queen-size headboard.

"So you're still leaving on Monday?" Liv asked.

"Yeah. I'm super-excited and nervous at the same time."

"You're going to be gone for close to four months. We're going to miss you terribly." Lisa pouted.

"But I'll be back before you know it. And we will Facetime and Skype on a regular so it won't be so bad right?" Lana stood up and went into her walk-in closet and her friends followed.

"Sooo what are you wearing tonight??!" Lisa clasped her hands in excitement.

"Or is lover-boy taking you shopping again??? Hmm?" Liv wiggled her eyebrows.

"Nooo! We already went shopping with Ryan-so-I just need you two to help me decide what to wear to the party tonight." Lana pointed at them both.

"Why do you have such a huge grin on your face though?" Liv eyed her suspiciously.

"Nothing. Just excited I guess." She shrugged her shoulders and started checking out outfits.

Jordan had told her he would be hosting a party especially for them and they were allowed to bring at least two friends. She hadn't told Liv and Lisa yet but now she was unable to contain her excitement.

"Guess what???" She turned to face them, a huge grin still on her face.

"What?? You kissed Jordan??!" Liv clutched her chest.

"What??? No!" Lana turned and grabbed a skimpy dress of the rail.

"Then what?? You look so excited! Tell us already!!?" They looked at Lana, with baited breath.

"Well.." She turned to face them, "You better get your freak 'em-dress ready because you're going with me to the party tonight!"

"Oh my gosh!!" Lisa literally jumped on Lana, screaming the house down.

"Get out of here!!" Liv screamed as she danced around.

"True story. So are you in?" Lana beamed.

"Try and stop me from going and you'll suffer from serious casualties." Liv said as she went through the wardrobe, searching for a killer outfit.

"We have a couple of hours to get ready..so I suggest we choose our outfits quickly and then head over to The Salon. I have already booked an appointment for us."

"The Salon?? It costs an organ to get your hair done at that place! You don't have to do that we can just go to Shandra's. She's equally good-well she's good." Lisa said with a worried look.

"Yeah Lan, you don't have to spend so much on hair and make up. You have done enough as it is. We never dreamed of getting an invitation to a Jordan Carter exclusive party and yet you made it happen..so.." Liv added.

"Hey. Don't sweat it. It's already covered okay?? I get a daily allowance. As much as I love you guys I would never spend so much money on you two. Let's hurry, Amelia is already on her way there. I can't wait until you meet her. You're going to love her." She said as she laid her carefully selected outfit on her bed.

"Lana! Your driver is here!" Mrs Logan called from downstairs.

"Driver?? What the-??" Liv said as she ran out of the room.

"You have a freakin' chauffeur??" Lisa gaped. She shook her head, her blonde hair swishing from side to side.

"The perks of being the number one fan of Jordan Carter I guess." Lana shrugged as she donned her sunglasses and slung her handbag over her arm.

"I'm so entering the next competition." Lisa muttered as they jumped into the stretch limo.


Ryan had told them that Jordan would be hosting the party at one of his many mansions. Only this time it was the one just on the outskirts of Minnesota. The place was packed and so far there was no sign of Jordan. The music was super loud and you couldn't hear yourself think. Drinks and conversation were flowing freely, some guests decided to swim, while others sat at the poolside.

"I've just spotted Amy. I'm going to say hie." Lana shouted above the din.

"We're going to mingle!" Liv shouted back.

"Well look who the cat dragged in." Bella slurred as she staggered towards Lana.

"Oh hie there Bella." Lana held onto Bella, trying to keep her steady and to prevent them from toppling over.

"I know what you trying to do... and..I'm onto you." She spat out before staggering away.


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