Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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Let The Tour Begin


They arrived in New York and were swiftly driven to a Penthouse in Manhattan, where they would all be staying for the next few days. The condo had seven bedrooms and each person had their own room. The house had two pools, a game room, a fitness center with steam room and sauna, a multimedia lounge, music rooms, a land-marked lounge bar, wine storage and tasting room, bike and private storage, with four sprawling terraces to entertain.

Ryan was there to welcome them and to give instruction as usual. He took them on a tour of the house and told them the house had everything they could possibly require and more.

"The kitchen is well stocked and there is a chauffeur, chef and housekeeper on call 24/7-don't abuse them though. You will all be given a daily allowance of five hundred bucks a day and you can spend it as you see fit. You're free to tour the city but remember to be back here by 4pm so that you can accompany JC to the venue. That is mandatory. Are we clear??" He paced the room like an army general.

"Yes Ryan." Everyone muttered.

"Great. So today's schedule is left open. I hope you can use this time to refresh and to get to know each other better. Keep your noise levels down to a minimum because JC was kind enough to open up his home to you. Plus he gets very cranky when he doesn't get enough sleep.. so I'm sure you don't want to see his bad side." He reiterated. "Any questions? No? Good. I'll see you all later."

"Oh by the way..there might be a little get together tonight. Just you lot, JC and his entourage, maybe a few important people..so just be ready by let say.." He glanced at his watch, "Six or so. Melissa will be here before then to help with wardrobe selection, make-up and the like. See you later kids." He strolled into the elevator and waved at them before the doors closed him in.

"Well it's best I get my beauty sleep if there's going to be a party tonight." Bella said with a toss of her blonde hair. "You look well rested Lana? JC didn't feel up to the challenge today hmm?" she taunted.

"Oh actually he rose to the occasion..a couple of times actually." Lana sighed and stretched her body. "I should actually get some rest..you never know what could happen later on tonight." She gave an exaggerated sway of her hips as she walked towards her room.

"She thinks she's so special just because she's fooled around with JC a couple of times." Bella fumed.

"Well about that.." Amelia said, "She is pretty special if he keeps coming back for seconds."

"Shut up Red Riding Hood! No one asked you for your opinion." She snapped.

"Well then I suggest you keep your stupid thoughts to yourself-Barbie!" She shot back as they came toe to toe.

"You asked for it." Bella clenched her teeth and took a swing at Amelia and missed. Amelia in turn grabbed her by the hair and kneed her in the gut.

"Cat-fight!" The guys shouted, forgetting Ryan's strict instructions about keeping the noise levels down.

"What is going on here??!!" Jordan stormed into the room and broke up the fight.

The room was silent as a classroom during an exam.

"She started it!" Bella shouted as she pointed at Amelia.

"You took the first swing so I simply returned the favor." Belinda retorted.

"Enough!" Jordan shouted with authority.

"You-I want you out. Why are you still here anyway??"

"I-Preston-" Bella fumbled.

"I don't want to hear it. Get your stuff and get out!" He glared at her. "Jones!"

"Yes JC. You called." Jones said in a calm tone.

"Why is she still here? Don't answer that-just get her out of my sight. I don't think I can last another day with her, never mind a whole month. I want her out-now!" He commanded, his chest heaving.

"Okay fine! I'll get my stuff and leave!" Bella said, tears streaming down her face.

"Good. That's the most sensible thing you've said from the time I've met you Kinky." Jordan said, trying to keep his anger at bay. "Now can I get some sleep? Is that too much to ask??" He turned on his heel and went back into his room, slamming the door behind him.

"What's going on guys? I was in the shower and heard noise?" Lana came in and looked around at the forlorn faces.

"Well you'll be happy to know that your boyfriend has kicked me out." Bella wiped her tears and glared at Lana.

"Again." Reese said under his breath.

"You guys don't understand. I need to go on this tour because it will help my music career.. among other things. Now I'm screwed, totally screwed." She sank onto the couch, totally defeated.

"Sorry Barbie but you had it coming," Rob added. "I meant Bella-sorry."

"Don't you think I know that?? Just shut up! All of you." She burst out again.

"Easy there tiger. You're already on strike three." Jason held up his hands. "Don't let JC come out of that room again."

"Look let's just all chill okay? I'll go and talk to Jordan..and try and get him to change his mind about Bella." Lana volunteered.

"Oh please! You don't have to sleep with him again on my account." She remarked snidely.

"She is trying to help you! " Amelia pointed out. "But I don't even know why."

"Look. I'm going to set the record straight once and for all-I did not sleep with-no let me re-phrase that..I did not have sex with JC okay? Not that I owe anyone an explanation but I thought I would just put it out there." Lana pushed her hair back and took a deep breath.


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