Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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Selfish Reasons

The first leg of the tour in the USA and Canada was complete and the next stop was Europe. Lana had avoided Jordan as much as possible and they had one or two brief run-ins but they were always people around. She had stayed at the penthouse with the others until they left for London.

So many times he had tried to call her, to talk to her, to try and get her attention but he always got cold feet. He had tried to get Jones to go and speak to her on his behalf, threatened him even but Jones wouldn't budge.

"She's a good girl and you're not worthy of her yet.. Leave her be." Jones said, causing him to become more frustrated.

"I always get what I want and I want Lana. I'm going to get her with or without your help." He vowed.

"Why do you want her JC? So you can hurt her? To ruin her? Just to stroke your ego?" Jones challenged. "Why would you want to pursue her when you have no good intentions towards her? You know you will go back to your old ways once you get what you want from her and ruin her for the next guy!"

"She's different from all the other girls I've been with.. I don't know okay??! I know I can't be faithful but I just want her!" He pulled his hair in frustration. "It may be for selfish reasons but -"

"Then what Jordan?! After you promised to keep your distance you do a 360 and your hormones are taking over as usual." Jones bellowed, as he came face to face with Jordan.

Daring him to say the wrong thing. He was ready for anything at this point. He couldn't understand why Jordan would want to ruin a sweet, innocent girl like Lana. Jordan would never change for her-for anyone for that matter. It would take a miracle for that to happen.

Jordan stared at him with his icy blue eyes and walked towards the window. He couldn't explain it but he wanted Lana like he never wanted anyone before. Maybe it was in the way she looked at him, her melodic laughter, her natural beauty or her child like innocence. he couldn't quite place his finger on it but all he knew was that he had to have her. He was tired of being with shallow-minded, pea-brained girls that just wanted him for his fame and fortune-for his body. Lana was just content with cuddling and talking or just sitting in a comfortable silence. He had never been with a woman that just wanted him for just him. They always had some hidden agenda-their career, money, sex-but Lana had never exploited their relationship for personal gain.

From the first time he laid his eyes on her something inside him shifted. He had offered to drive her home although he knew that Jones was waiting outside. She was a mystery to him and he wanted to spend more time with her to try and unravel it. He had made sure to keep the music low so that they could talk-once again in his life he wanted to just talk to another person with no hidden motives.

"So tell me about yourself Bambi?" He had asked with genuine interest.

"Ummm..there's nothing much to tell." She twisted her fingers on nervously in her lap. She was shy. He decided there and then he would help her to break her out of her shell. He wanted to know everything about her but the ride was so short. There wasn't enough time.

"Then tell me the little?" He urged on.

"I-I..I'm a student at-uh-Carlton..and I-want to major in music." She stumbled over her words and it made her even more appealing to him. He long lashes brushed her cheeks as she blinked rapidly.

"My Dad-he died..three years ago and I live with my Mom."She said out of breath.

"Sorry..about your Dad. Mine is as good as dead." He frowned deeply. "But-your Mom? She's cool?"

"Yes-she's the best." She still wouldn't look at him and he wanted her to. More than anything he wanted to look into those big grey eyes.

He had pulled up outside her house and as she made to jump out he thought quickly.

"Hey, smile." He said as he put up his phone and snapped a selfie. It took her completely by surprise and she looked like a frightened deer in the photo.

"Let's try again?" She relaxed slightly and the next photo was definitely a Kodak moment.

"Do I make you uncomfortable??" His hand tightened on the steering wheel as he stole a glance at her. She was standing outside the car and boring a hole into the ground with her eyes.

"Yes." She squeaked. .

"Then we're going to have to do something about that Bambi." He chuckled as he stepped on the accelerator and turned up the music. She was going to be a challenge and Jordan Carter always loved a challenge.

"Ryan." He spoke through the phone. "I've changed my mind..I need you to set up that thing with Lana Logan."

"Sure thing JC. I'm on it." Ryan replied.

"One more thing-as soon as we get to London, make sure Lana and I live separately from the rest. You think you can manage that?" It was more like an order and not a question.

"Consider it done." Ryan said.

"Thanks Ryan." He cut the call and smiled to himself. His plan was starting to come together. Ryan could convince an Eskimo to by an ice-machine. Lana wouldn't be able to say no once he worked his magic on her.

Jordan went to take a shower with a self-satisfied smirk on his face. He was Jordan-freakin'-Carter after all. No one could say no to him.



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