Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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Dark and Twisty

"Who's this?" Jordan barked into the phone.

"Is that the way to greet you best friend?" Preston chuckled softly.

"Hey, how's it going dude? You alright?" Jordan sat on the edge of the bed. 

"I would be alright if you got me out of here. Today preferably. Otherwise..I might be tempted to bribe one of the nurses to-" 

"Preston you know this is for your own good. You almost died man! I can't have that on my conscious again." Jordan ran his fingers through his hair and sighed audibly. Preston needed to stay in rehab, but he didn't seem to understand that. This could be his only hope of staying alive, he had too many close calls so far.

"Listen, if you don't get me out of here this very minute then you're going to force me to do something that we will both regret. You more than me though-because you have so much more to lose." Preston said aggressively, "don't push me JC."

"That sounds like a threat?" Jordan scowled. "You know better than to do that." He tut-tutted.

"Really?? How's that sweet doe-eyed obsession of yours? I wouldn't mind-" Preston taunted.

"Leave Lana out of this okay! Touch her and you're finished. You will never work in this country again." Jordan stood and gripped the phone tighter. His anger emanating through the phone.

"She might be sweeter than Dahlia...Now Dahlia was wild in the sack man, I can understand why you were hooked on her..it's a pity she had to die.." He mocked. 

"You are the reason she's dead!" Jordan shot back.

"Oh no, no, no. Don't give me all the credit man. You are as much to blame."Preston said with deadly calm.

"Go to hell!" Jordan cut the call and smashed his iPhone against the wall. 

Preston had pushed him too far this time and he was going to pay dearly. How did someone claim to be your friend and then do something that contradicts the statement? How could he threaten Lana, the only person that he had shown any remote interest since Dahlia? 

"Hey JC, everything okay?" Ryan entered the room with caution. 

"I want Preston gone. I don't care how you do it but I want him gone." Jordan punched his hand with force. "He dares to threaten me? Threaten Lana?? After everything I've done for him and this is what that-I want him gone." He said through gritted teeth.

"Okay," Ryan sat down slowly, "I won't even ask, you can tell me whenever you're ready... But the jewelers are here, they're waiting in the study." He stood up again and turned at the door. "You can come down when you've-calmed down." 

Jordan went to freshen up and went to fetch Lana from her room. He knocked softly and couldn't help but smile, when she opened the door for him. He dipped his head and kissed her softly on the lips and deepened the kiss as he felt her respond. He pushed her back onto the bed as he sought solace from the only place he knew. Sensing his need she poured herself into him and gave as good as she got. Jordan finally broke off the kiss reluctantly, their breathing heavy and their eyes hazy.

"I reeally don't want to do this sweets, but..we have to go downstairs." He sighed and pushed back Lana's unruly hair, "the jeweler is here and I'd like you to pick out your ring or rings, whatever you prefer is fine." 

"Jordan..you don't have to do this. This isn't even a proper marriage." Lana protested.

"I know sweets but if we're going to do this then I suggest we play the part to the T. Otherwise no one will believe our little story." He said as he sat at the edge of the bed.

"I thought we weren't giving in to the blackmailer's demands?" she sat up and tried to salvage her hair. She grabbed the brush on the dresser and swept it through her hair. 

"We're not, we're going to beet him at his own game." Jordan watched her, mesmerized.

"You okay there Carter? Would you like a spin?" She waved the brush in his face and laughed.

"Would you..brush my hair? No one's ever done that-well besides my stylist." He shrugged.

"Sure..if you really want me to.. I might as well start performing my wifely duties." The brush felt so good as it swept though his hair, he couldn't help but groan in appreciation.

"That feels so good." He closed his eyes and leaned into her. His hands went round her waist and before he could venture any further there was a loud knock.

"We're coming down in a minute-go-away!" Jordan called out, his hands still wrapped around Lana.

"We should go babe, its a quarter to eleven." Lana didn't realize the slip but he did.

"Don't ever stop," he said.

"What?" she frowned.

"Don't ever stop calling me that," he pecked her lips and stood up. Lana nodded dumbly, unsure how to respond.

"Let's go Bambi," he pulled her hand and led her downstairs.

The study was already occupied with the jewelers, Jones and Ryan. Jordan walked in and looked around, not at all pleased. 

"Right this is what's going to happen-I want every one out, including you two," he pointed at the jewelers, "this moment is between my wife and I, no one else. We will let you know on how much to bill us once we've decided. I don't want her to feel pressured or uncomfortable so get," he pointed towards the door. 


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