Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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Two Steps Forward. Two Steps Back

It was a beautiful day; the birds were singing, the sun was shining and all was alright in the world. For now at least.

Jordan woke up early and went to take his usual swim. The beach was deserted as he walked towards the water, in his shorts and his towel slung over his shoulder. He loved to take an early morning swim as part of his workout routine because it helped him to think; and he had a lot of thinking to do this morning.

At the end of this week they were going back to reality and he wasn’t sure if he was ready for that. The press that constantly stalked him and pried into his private life unashamedly, his fake friends, the pressure of staying at the top and last but not least his dear mother in law. Mrs June Logan had called him, breathing fire and threatening to castrate him as soon as his jet touched the ground of Minnesota. He would definitely chose dealing with the press over that any day.

While he understood that she had genuine concerns, Lana was a grown woman and the only thing that mattered to him right now. The way he felt about her frightened him. After Dahlia he had promised to never fall in love again. Love was complicated, it was too intense and it made you vulnerable; but worst of all you could risk getting your heart broken. He had loved Dahlia more than was humanely possible-he could have done anything for her and he did, but after she slept with his best friend she did irreparable damage to his heart. He couldn’t risk it again-and yet he found himself totally consumed by Lana Logan.

Her eyes captivated him and sent his heart spiraling to the ends of the unknown. When she laughed or smiled at him he felt like he could take on the world. Making love to her was an indescribable feeling..he couldn’t put it into words even if he tried. She was always on his mind and he just wanted to be with her all the time. He was selfish when it came to her-he didn’t want anyone else around when they were together; he wanted all her attention; all of her.

Jordan swam back to the shore, his body was exhausted. He bent over and held onto his knees, trying to catch his breath.

“Smile,” Lana said and as he looked up startled she took a pic with her iPhone.

“Hey sweets,” his face broke into a smile and his heart skipped a beat.

“I could wake up to this every morning.." She sighed contentedly, "some girls have all the luck,” she sighed and took a few more pics of Jordan in his swimming trunks, water dripping from his gorgeous body.

“You know what Bambi..I think you need to be in the pic as well-“Jordan lunged at her and grabbed her, making her wet. She was dressed in a short floral caftan dress which did nothing to protect her.

“Carter!” she squealed, “you’re making me wet!”

“Just what I love to hear sweets..” he crushed her against his solid chest and their lips merged, melting into each other. He wove his fingers into her silky soft hair and she in turn slid her fingers into his wet hair.

Jones stood behind them clearing his throat and got their attention.

“As usual..just in time Jones-please take a video and post it on Instagram asap okay?” Jordan handed the phone to him.

“A video??,” Lana asked. Before she got a response Jordan swooped her off her feet and threw over his shoulder. He ran back into the water amidst Lana’s screams and protests.

She landed in the water with a splash and Jordan laughed at her as she spluttered in the water.

“Carter you are dead!!” she jumped onto his back and they both keeled over back into the water.

Lana tried to escape but he caught her foot and dragged her back in. They continued a full out make out session and would have taken it further if Jones hadn’t reminded them that they were in a public area.

“That’s enough you two!” Jones yelled, “breakfast is served, let’s go.”

“Let’s get changed first. Come one,” Jordan put his arm around her shoulder as they walked back to the villa. They had a quick shower and dressed up before going for breakfast.

“Can’t we go out somewhere for breakfast?” Lana suggested, “We’re in the Caribbean so we might as well take advantage of it.”

“As mi ’lady wishes,” Jordan bowed.

“Carter!” Lana swatted his arm.

“But I went all out and made breakfast for you two?” Jones grumbled.

“Sorry Jones. Guess we will have to stay and eat,” Lana said.

“Killjoy,” Jordan muttered under his breath.

“Don’t worry babe, we can explore after breakfast,” Lana squeezed his arm.

“Ooh, I like the sound of that..” Jordan murmured and leaned in to kiss her.

“Can we eat now?” Jones complained.

“I would rather eat what I’m looking at right now..” Jordan continued to suck on Lana’s lips and she giggled.

“Gosh! I think I’m going to throw up,” Jones rolled his eyes, “I’m going to eat at my villa. I’ll leave you kids to it.” He threw his napkin on the table and picked up his food and left them.

“Hey Jones!” Jordan said, “You’re officially off duty. We’ll call you when we need you.”

“Thank you!” Jones said with a sigh of relief, “at least I won’t have to witness you two sucking face any longer.”

“Makes two of us,” Jordan replied. They laughed as they watched him leave.


Edited: 19.09.2019

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