Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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Shallow Feelings

Lana spent the day watching Netflix in the guest room at the villa. She had ordered room service because she didn't feel like cooking. She didn't feel like doing anything but wallowing in self-pity. Jordan hadn't shown up for lunch or dinner and Lana went into further depression. There was a fully stocked bar so she decided to take full advantage of it and drowned her sorrows.

She heard loud music coming from outside so she got dressed in her best outfit and headed out. There was no way she was going to sit at home while Jordan was probably out there having a good time. She stumbled into a local club that seemed to be happening tonight and made a beeline to the bar.

"Can I have a cosmo?" She asked the barman and he nodded. She sipped on it slowly and watched the revelers grinding on each other; having a good time. 

"Care to dance?" Jordan came from behind and whispered in her ear. 

"Get lost Carter!" She retorted without swinging around.

"Look sweets, I'm sorry for walking out on you," he turned her around and he took her hands, "I shouldn't have done that-please forgive me?" he pouted.

"We can't make progress if that's what you going to do every time we have a fight," she said, "where have you been all day anyway?"

"I went scuba diving and surfing with Jones," he replied. "Can I ask you to do something for me? Can we just be Jordan and Lana tonight? For the rest of the week maybe?" he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, "No fighting, no arguing-no nothing-good vibes only. Just me and you enjoying each other's company? Can we do that baby?" he implored.

"Okay Carter. I'm sold," Lana rolled her eyes and picked up her drink.

"I know we need to do grown up talk soon but can it be when we get back home?" he asked, "for now I just want to enjoy my honeymoon with my beautiful and sexy wife," he took her drink and gulped half of it down.

"Hey! Get your own," she slapped his arm. He ordered another round for them and then a couple of more. She was feeling light headed and her face was tingling. The alcohol had clearly kicked in and she could feel it.

"Let's go dance!" Jordan pulled her to the dance floor.

"I don't even know how to dance to this music!" she shouted into his ear. She looked around her and all she could see was people gyrating on each other. If they didn't have any clothes on it would have been x-rated. 

"There's nothing to it sweets. Just follow my lead," Jordan's started grinding against her and she followed suit.

They got lost in the moment as their bodies intertwined as they moved to the rhythm of the music. He turned her around and fitted her back into the contour of his body, his hands slowly gliding down her thighs. She weaved her hands in his hair and pressed her backside into him and he groaned into her ear.

"You're killing me Bambi," his lust filled voice whispered into her ear, sending chills down her spine. He gripped her hips tightly and sucked her earlobe and she gasped.

"I learnt from the best," she said breathlessly, as she continued to grind against him.

"Bathroom-now!" he growled.

"What?!" her eyeballs almost popped out. This was so hot but she had to be the voice of reason here. He grabbed her hand and led her to the ladies restrooms, "Jordan-you can't be serious?!

"This is Jamaica sweets. We can't come here and not have hot, spontaneous sex in the bathroom," he slammed the door shut and made sure it was locked.

"What if we get caught?" she asked breathlessly, as he planted hot kisses on her neck.

"Too bad-they will just have to hear you screaming my name," he said in a husky voice, before he pushed her against the door and took her right there and then. 

Welcome to Jamaica.


The rest of the night was a blur and just when Lana thought she was ready to head home, Jordan told her the night was only beginning.

"We've been invited to an after party at Sean Paul's and I have been trying forever to get a collabo with him. This is my chance," Jordan said as they jumped into the limo.

"Can you maybe drop me off at home? I'm totally wasted!" Lana groaned and leaned back on the leather seat. 

"Not a chance sweets," Jordan leaned in and kissed her until she was breathless, "better?" he asked with a smile.

"Hmmm," was all Lana could say.

"We won't stay long. Promise," he assured her but they both knew it was a lie.

Jordan kept her entertained throughout the night and never left her side. They danced, talked-drank and danced some more. Finally she couldn't stand on her feet any more so they went to sit down again. The people at their table were smoking a joint an passing it around and Jordan pulled on it a couple of times before passing it to Lana.

"No way!" she pushed his hand away.

"Don't tell me you've never smoked weed sweets?" He looked genuinely shocked.

"Never..not interested," she slurred, "I don't smoke."

"Niether do I but this is different-it's somink with a purpose.. Besides-we're in Jamaica sweets. You can't be here and not experience this," he looked at the joint like it was gold, "come on just try it. Just one drag," he coaxed and his new found friends cheered her on.

"Okay, okay" she relented. Against her better judgement she took it and smoked it until she choked on the smoke. 

"Yeah!" everyone cheered for her.

"Well done Bambi," Jordan chuckled and rubbed her back.

To this day Lana couldn't remember how she got home that night. 

Jordan teased her about it the next day. Apparently she danced on the table and almost did a strip show but he had stopped her just in time. He even got a lap dance.

"You're a bad influence Carter," she groaned and went back to sleep.


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