Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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On the Fritz



Kyle was right. Jordan was guilty as sin.

He blamed himself for everything that had happened. He didn't even know why he ran instead of facing his worst fears. It was very likely that Lana hated his guts and she wouldn't want anything to do with him after this; and rightfully so.

Jordan had sat in the waiting room anxiously bobbing his knee and biting his nails. Jones had tried to get him to eat something but he declined every-time. It was almost 1:00am and there was no sign of Dr Burns as yet.

Lisa and Olivia had fallen asleep on the corner couch, Jones, Kyle and Maya were wide awake thanks to the coffee dispenser stationed in the waiting room. Maya decided to whip out her MacBook and distracted herself with work.

"Walk with me?" Kyle asked Jordan as he tilted his head towards the door. "You look like you could use some air music-man. Come on."

"You're right.." Jordan rose to his feet slowly.

"Babe, I'll be right back." Kyle pecked his wife on the lips before he left.

Jordan and Kyle wandered down the corridor and made quite a striking pair. The nurses almost twisted their necks off as they turned to ogle the dynamic-duo. Kyle with his dark hair messy, chocolate-brown eyes, chiseled face and dimples that you could dive your tongue into and swirl it around; contrasting with Jordan's platinum blonde tousled hair, arctic blue eyes and angelic face. Dressed in hoodies and denim jeans they looked good in almost anything.

Kyle headed over to the SUV and stood at the door, waiting for Jordan to open it. "Open the door Doofus Rick!"

"Where are we going Ace Pilot Morty?!" Jordan said with an eye-roll.

"Actually-just give me the keys? I don't trust your driving right now," Kyle held out his hands to catch the car-keys as his friend threw them over.

"You and I my friend are going to take an aimless drive around the city until you have gathered you wits." The engine roared to life and Kyle maneuvered the car out of the hospital grounds and into the dark night. "You can't see Lana when you're a bag of nerves."

"I messed up Ky.." Jordan acknowledged.

"There's the moral of your story right there." Kyle cited.

"She was so sweet, so pure..so innocent..and I tainted her." Jordan leveled with reality.

"Don't give yourself too much credit dude."

"No. No..It's true.." He rubbed his sweaty palms over his jean-clad thighs. "I pulled her into my dark, twisted corrupt world and she crashed and burned." He narrated. "She became an alcoholic because she struggled to cope with my lifestyle and I just dragged her along-kept dragging her along-without stopping to check if she was okay..I should have paid more attention to her Ky. I should have protected her from all the ugliness-I mean I know how screwed up life in the spotlight can suck the life out of you. But what did I do? Instead of help her-I dug a deeper hole and kicked her into it..burying her alive." He hung his head in shame. "Now she's on the fritz and it's all my fault." He admitted with self-reproach.

"You know I have mad love for you right?" Kyle asked as he shifted gears and switched lanes.


"You really did mess up dude." He reiterated. "But the important thing is that you owned it and you're ready to try and make things right? Correct?"

"Affirmative." Jordan saluted.

"Do you love her?


"Do you want to be with her?" Kyle frowned. "Can you imagine life without her? Is she all you can think about any time-all the time and in between time? Does it feel like the chemistry between you can ignite a rocket and send it into space? Does your heart skip a beat every-time your sparkly blue orbs see her? does seeing her smile make you feel like all is right with the world?"

"Yes.." It was like a light bulb switched on in his head.

"Then you're in love with her and too stone-headed to admit it-especially to yourself."

"How did you know?" Jordan rotated his head to the side.

"You need to give me more bud..?" Kyle glanced at him briefly before focusing on the road again.

"How did you know Maya was the one?"

Kyle roared with laughter. "Are you sure you want me to talk about my all time favorite topic?"

"I'm sure I'm going to regret this but-yes. Please enlighten me?"

"Maya was kind of like you when we met. She didn't do relationships..or so she thought.." He smiled to himself as he reminisced.

"So what changed her mind? Was your game that good?" Jordan tittered.

"Actually no.." He twisted his lips.

"No..?!" He was in stitches. "Then she really must love you man!"

"Get your head out of the gutter Carter!" Kyle shook his head with a smile. "It's not what you think-Maya and I never had sex until we were married."

"Noooo!" Jordan squawked in astonishment.

"If you can recall..I was-uhm-"

"A virgin!" He stated and burst into another fit of laughter.

"Remind me again-why are we friends??"

"Sorry man! Couldn't let that one pass!" He slapped Kyle on the shoulder. "but on a real though-how did you know that Maya was it for you? Besides the obvious?"

"What do you mean?"

"We practically have to wipe the drool off the floor every time you see her," Jordan scoffed.


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