Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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The Mane Problem

Lana disappeared immediately after the performance and didn't want to admit how the simple gestures that Jordan was doing to get her attention were weakening her defenses. She didn't want to admit it but she knew it was a matter of time before she gave in. That's when she decided that she would go to Manhattan earlier than planned and she wouldn't tell Jordan until the last minute or not tell him at all-lest he try and convince her to stay.

"Are you okay?" Lisa asked as they drove to the mall.

"Yeah." Lana's hand tightened on the steering wheel.

"He's really trying Lana..don't you think it's time-" Olivia added.

"Can we change the subject?" Her friends nodded and lapsed into silence until they arrived at the shopping mall. 

"By the way-everything is on me today." Lana slipped on her shades and slung her handbag over her wrist.

"What?!" Her friends cried out.

"I'm the wife of Jordan 'freakin' Carter-I have more money than I know what to do with. So why not?" She pouted and tossed her hair back dramatically. Lisa and Olivia screamed as they jumped up and down with excitement.

By the end of the shopping trip Lana had bought a short sexy black romper with a choker and gold rhinestone strappy Gladiator stiletto heels to compliment the outfit. Lisa got a short white bandage dress, a leather jacket and thigh high boots. Olivia got a red buckle crop top and a black leather mini skirt with matching high heeled boots.

"I'm starving can we go and find somewhere to eat?" Lisa asked.

"I was just about to suggest the same thing." Olivia groaned. "But let's put our bags in the car and then we can come back and eat?"

"Sure." Lana complied.

After they had lunch they drove back to Lana's party to prepare for the party. They went up to her bedroom and emptied the contents of their shopping bags on the bed, then went to shower before getting dressed up.  Lana had mastered the art of applying her own make-up thanks to Michelle-and offered to do her friends faces and hair first. They called Angelo and asked him to bring cocktails and snacks to pave the way for the soirée. 

"You're going out?" Jordan asked as he watched them descend the staircase.

"Uhmm, yeah-just a college party." Lana explained evasively.

"You're all looking very nice." He glanced at them appreciatively. 

"Thanks." Olivia and Lisa gushed.

"Let me drive you? That way you can drink without worrying about worrying who's driving home." Jordan offered.

"You don't have to-" Lana protested.

"I want to." He persisted. "After you ladies.." He held open the front door for them.

"You're looking really beautiful." Jordan whispered to his wife before she jumped into the car. "I like what you did with your hair." Her hair was swept up, with loose tendrils caressing her face.

"Thank you Carter." Their eyes met and he leaned forward to plant a kiss on her cheek. 

He turned the radio on to avoid conversation or an awkward silence. Lisa and Olivia did most of the talking until they arrived at the frat house. There were cars parked all along the street and loud music emanated from inside when Jordan dropped them off at the entrance.

"Call me?" He asked and brushed his lips briefly with hers.

"What if it's late?" Lana frowned.

"I'll come baby-no matter what the time is. Just let me know when you want me to come and pick you up okay?" He rested his forehead on hers.

"Okay." She pulled away and smiled. 

He got out of the car and walked over to open her door. "Have fun sexy." He said as he took in her retreating form.  

The house was jam packed and it was only after eight. The girls stopped to chat with familiar faces here and there. They bumped into Tyler and Charlotte then ran into Victoria and Cassie. 

"Hie there. So glad you could make it." Victoria shouted above the deafening music with a plastic smile.

"Thanks for inviting us." Lana's smile never reached her eyes.

"I see you don't have drinks?" Cassie observed as she eyed their empty hands. "Let's rectify that shall we? Follow me." 

They went into the kitchen and Cassie asked someone to mix up the drinks. Drunk, horny college students were scattered all over the house and some were making out in the corners. Cassie handed them their drinks and told them to enjoy the rest of their night.

"Let's go and dance!" Lisa shouted to her friends.

After a few dances Lana felt light-headed so she decided to go to the bathroom. "I need to go and freshen up. You guys can stay."

She barely made it up the stairs when the room started to spin. She leaned against the wall and tried to regain her composure but felt like the ground was coming up. The drink she had swelled up to her chest and back down again. Her face was flushed and she felt both dizzy and nauseous. 

Lana decided it was time to go so she pulled out her phone from her pocket and dialed Jordan's number. He answered on the second ring.

"Are you ready to come home baby?"

"I-I..sick." She slurred.

"Lana? What's wrong?"

"I'm sick. Ple-ase come..now.." She said before she passed out in the passage.

"Checkmate!" Cassie and Victoria high-fived each other with a self-satisfied grin on their faces as they stood over her slumped body. They called one of the guys to pick up Lana from the floor and carry it to one of the bedrooms.


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