Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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"Look who's here to see you princess?" Preston had spoken in a harsh, cynical tone, and Lana had turned cold at his words, when she saw who was standing at the door..only her worst nightmare-Scott.

"Surprise.." White teeth glistened and he shrieked with derisive laughter.

Lana shrunk back into the wall as they made calculated steps towards her, taunting her. She covered her face as she began to hyperventilate. "Hie Lana. Long time no see" Scott said, "miss me baby doll?" He whispered as he grabbed her roughly by the arm.

"Oh I'm sure she did," Preston answered on her behalf. "How about you give her a refresher course on just how much?"

"Oh I intend to dear brother..and I have you to thank for my good fortune."

"Can we make it a three-some then?" Preston licked his lips greedily. "Maybe Destiny and Bella can join in and-"

"Oh no..I don't like to share-this one is all mine..isn't that right baby doll?" Scott forced his lips on hers and she bit down hard on his bottom lip, causing him to cry out.

"You're going to regret that!" He pushed her onto the floor and wiped the blood off his lip with the back of his sleeve.

"She's feisty!" Preston snickered, "Maybe you need to drug her into submission..just like old times?" 

"What do you think Lana? You want to get high before I take you higher?" Scott and Preston laughed at the sick joke. 

"I think I've got just the thing you need. I'll be right back." Preston patted his shoulder and left.

"Lana.." Scott rushed to kneel in front of her as he whispered, "look we don't have a lot of time-I'm going to help you get out of here okay?" 

"What? Why?" She watched him warily, suspecting a trick.

"To make up for what I did to you-but I know that I could never-anyway I'm going to get Preston high enough that he zones out. Once that happens you must leave immediately-do you understand?" He put his hands on her knees and looked at her intently.

"Okay.."  She wasn't fully convinced why he would want to do this for her but she had nothing to lose. 

Preston burst into the room again, "Look what I found?" He dangled a small poly bag in Scott's face.

"I think she should stay sober for this one. I want her to remember every, single detail.." Scott trailed his finger along her parted lips.

"Sorry Lana!" Preston gave an evil laugh, "You will probably have to imagine my brother is your Jordan angel-face while he's pummeling the life out of you-and you know how he doesn't tire easily!" He guffawed loudly at his own joke.

"Why don't we go and do a few lines so I can come back and enjoy this doe-eyed beauty. By the time I'm done with her she won't want to go back to her pretty boy." He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "don't forget what I said..when I tell you to run-run." He kissed her on the forehead and she knew he was saying goodbye. He caressed her cheek briefly before he stood up and left.

Preston and Scott went back into the living room and Bella served them drinks and they seemed to get more wasted by the second, although Scott was only pretending. 

"Why isn't Destiny back yet?" Preston took his phone and tried to call her but it went straight to voicemail. 

"Seduction takes time Pres," Scott joked.

"I can't blame JC though..I had a dip in that pond and it was always better than the first time.." He cracked up and gulped down his gin and tonic.

"I can totally relate. Lana was a good lay and I'm just about to find out if she still is!" They laughed again and clinked glasses.

"Then what are you waiting for? Get to it my good man.." Preston slurred and Scott knew he was almost there. "Hey Pres..why don't we try that new stuff you were telling me about?" 

"You're sure? You will be blazed for hours man..it might even affect your performance.."

"That will never happen and you know it. Let's do it man.." he urged. 

"Bella..come here.." His words were slurred, almost as if he wanted to disown them. She stumbled over to him and tripped over the table, unable to get up again. "Never mind..useless piece of-I'll get it myself.." As soon as he stood up Scott went to unlock Lana's door and told her to wait for his signal. 

Scott made sure Preston had the lion's share of the substance and just when it was kicking in they heard a wail of sirens in the distance. "We ne-ed to get out of he-re.." Preston got up abruptly but crumbled back into his seat.  

"Why? Stop being paranoid man." Scott said with a wave of his hand. "I'm seeing double-vision right now and I doubt that you can even walk to the bathroom dude.." 

"Open up! LAPD!" The cops pounded on the door and since Scott was partially sober, he scrambled to his feet and used the window as a means of escape.  Lana heard the racket and locked herself in the bathroom lest she got caught in a cross-fire

Preston and Bella were out of it and had passed into oblivion; when the police kicked the door open and bust into the apartment. With Jones and Jordan close on their heels. 

"Stay back Mr Carter!" The law officer commanded but his words fell on deaf ears. Jordan searched every room for Lana until he found the locked bathroom door, which he kicked open himself. She was sitting barefoot, on the floor in her sweatpants and sweater, her hands over her head as she rocked herself back and forth.


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